Middle-Eastern Look East Policy: The Case of Israel (28/12/2018)

Political changes in the Middle East along with the fierce competition among foreign powers in this region have led many countries, especially those who enjoy close alliances and partnerships with America, such as Israel, to actively deploy their policy toward Asia (the so-called Look East Policy). The paper focuses on examining the nature and goals of Israel’s Look-East Policy as well as a necessary attitude and approach Vietnam should take toward its policy.
Author: Nguyen Thanh Hien

Improving Legislation to Improve Effectiveness of Marine Pollution Control in Vietnam (28/12/2018)

Based on analytic research on current laws on marine pollution prevention, detection and treatment of Vietnam, this article presents the author’s viewpoints and suggestions for completing the laws in order to improve the effectiveness of marine pollution control and promote the national sustainable development in the coming time.
Author: Bui Duc Hien, Vu Hoang Duong

Professionalizing Buddhist Social Charity: Toward a Link between Buddhism and Social Work in Vietnam (28/12/2018)

Previous literature shows the potential in the linkage between Buddhist charities and social work. This article, by analysing secondary documents, brings forward solutions for implementing such activities in a professional way. It focuses on: i) examining the history of charity work by Vietnamese Buddhism; ii) analyzing the need and the possibilities in to professionalizing their charity work; iii) clarifying ways for linking Buddhist charities with social work in Vietnam.
Author: Hoang Thu Huong

Health Care in the Cong and Si La Ethnic Minorities in Dien Bien and Lai Chau Provinces (28/12/2018)

The Cong and Si La have the least population of all ethnic minorities in Vietnam, who live mainly in Dien Bien and Lai Chau provinces. Due to different customs and residence located far from the center, they receive poorer health care and nutritional quality than other ethnic groups in the province. Living in isolated areas with very little traffic, their opportunity to access medical services and treatment as well as health care remains a big challenge. Based on field research in Nam Khao, Kan Ho communes of Muong Te district and Nam Cha commune of Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province, the article indicates the advantages and disadvantages of providing health care for the two ethnic minorities.
Author: Le Thi Mui

Cultural Preservation of Central Highlands in the Context of International Integration (28/12/2018)

Central Highlands holds an important strategic location in the economic, cultural and social development of Vietnam. It is not only a natural corridor with Southern Laos, Northeast Cambodia and Central Coast Vietnam, but also a land that preserves special cultural values of various ethnic minorities. Developing a comprehensive policy for the Central Highlands that solves a number of issues and objectives including narrowing the development gap with other regions, improving living standards while preserving traditional cultural values of ethnic minorities are regular issues to be put on the table of policy makers and administrators. The paper clarifies some achievements in preserving traditional culture of the Central Highlands. On the other hand, it also indicates some current challenges as well as recommendations for preservation and promotion of traditional culture of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands in the coming time.
Author: Tran Minh Duc

People’s Participation in Village and Communal Activities in the Period 1976-1986 (28/12/2018)

Using a sociological method, the article analyzes the proportions and level of participation of people and women in 3 communal activities including communal organizations, cooperatives and cultural activities in the period 1976-1986. According to the research results, the low level of communal participation in this stage is generally caused by poor institutional management, people’s interest and understanding of communal activities.
Author: Nguyen Duc Tuyen

Solutions to Promote Scientific and Technological Communication in Research Institutes, Universities and Enterprises (28/12/2018)

One of the values that makes up an enterprise's profit is research, technology transfer and renewal, application of inventions and/or results of scientific and technological research (S&T) into production practices. In that context, S&T communication is a channel providing a supply and demand linkage between the state, research institutes, universities/colleges and enterprises, as well as among businesses and with social media and the public. The paper reviews the current situation and suggests solutions to promote S&T communication activities in research institutes, universities/colleges and enterprises in Vietnam.
Author: Tran Quang Tuan, Nguyen Thi Hanh