Industrialization and Modernization in Vietnam: From Perception to Action and some Recommendations (06/08/2018)

Over the past few years, while the process of industrialization and modernization in Vietnam has achieved several major accomplishments, it also exposed many restrictions. The paper clarifies and analyses the perception limitations on the national industrialization and modernization process, which have been articulated in regard to the orientation, regional structures and links, mechanisms for industrial development, etc. On that basis, a variety of solutions for industrialization and modernization for the next stages has been nominated.
Author: Duong Dinh Giam

Promote Vietnam’s Private Sector in the Integration Process by Minimizing Connecting Barriers with Foreign Invested Enterprises (06/08/2018)

The paper analyzes and evaluates the barriers to the connection of Vietnam’s private sector with foreign invested enterprises. These limitations are finance, management, technology, human resources, and other factors in comparison with the requirements of the foreign invested enterprises. It thence suggests some mitigation solutions to promote the private sector under the guidance of the foreign invested enterprises which enjoy a high growth rate in the integration process of Vietnam’s multi-sector eonomy.
Author: Nguyen Thuong Lang

Reformation of Social Class within the Vietnamese Intelligentsia Nowadays: A Case Study in the Mekong Delta (06/08/2018)

This article presents the results of our 2016-2017 survey conducted using a non-random sample of more than 600 high-ranking civil servants working for government agencies in the Mekong Delta. Following that, it analyses the succession and mobility of occupational position within the intelligentsia with the aim of defining the transfer mechanism of advantages and disadvantages from generations to generations in Vietnam’s modern society.
Author: Hoang Thi Quyen

Cultural Capital in Developing Market Economy of the Dao Ethnic Group: An Approach to Anthropological Theory (06/08/2018)

For several years, research on development issues in mountainous areas has basically focused on interpreting the transition from the traditional economy to the market economy. It is crystal clear that the development of market economy plays an important role in the mountainous community culture. Doing a case study on the development of the market economy of Dao ethnic minority people in Sapa District (Lao Cai Province), this article attempts to explicate the role of cultural capital in determining the development process. It can be considered as a theoretical analysis which makes a partial contribution on further analyzing the significantly decisive factors to the market economy development process in mountainous areas.
Author: Bui Minh Hao

Some Cultural Characteristics of the Ede Ethnic Group Represented by the Comparison Structures in “The Great Epic of Sir Dam San” (06/08/2018)

“The Great Epic of Sir Dam San” is believed to be the ancient Ede people’s “encyclopedia”, lively reflecting their labour life, nature conquering, cultural and spiritual life and viewpoints of art at that time. With the given linguistic materials represented by the comparison structures in this epic, the paper highlights some of the Ede people’s cultural characteristics.
Author: Lai Thi Van

Changes in Comparing the Comprehensive National Power among Great Powers in the Period of 2001-2017 (06/08/2018)

The article analyses the changes in comprehensive national power among great powers in terms of economic, military, scientific and technilogical factors as well as moral strength in the period of 2001-2017.
Author: Vu Van Anh

On the Socio-economic Issues of the Southwest Region from the 1st to 7th Centuries in the Materials Available at the Library of Social Sciences (06/08/2018)

The Southwest region of Vietnam has a special history of formation and development. This land also plays a major role in the development of the country, holding an important strategic position in its economy, politics, culture, defense, security and foreign affairs. Historical materials reveals that the region has had a critical success in agricultural production, handicrafts and commerce as well as social life organization since the early centuries B.C. This paper presents an overview of the Southwest region and initial research on its striking socio-economic issues from the 1st to 7th centuries in the documents available at the Library of Social Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences Information, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.
Author: Truong Thi Thu Trang