Main Concepts of Social and Political Thought in Confucianism (30/08/2013)

Confucianism is an ideology including many theories as philosophy, politics, ethics, education, etc… Its concepts basically reflect the relationship of human and social life. Confucianism is actually a social and political theory in which the major and most significant ideology is the social and political thought. The article summarizes the concepts of social and political thought of Confucianism as following: 1/ The supreme position of God which became the King and his powers in reality. 2/ The social and political relationship of human which clarifies the meanings of those thoughts through policies and way of building up the feudal government affected by Confucianism.
Author: Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh

Family’s Rules in Community Life through Researches in a North Central Coast’s Town (30/08/2013)

The article explores the role of family’s rules in community life based on practical research in Quynh Doi town, Quynh Doi, Quynh Luu of Nghe An province. Author has pointed out the upward and downward events which led to the changes of family through different historical period by doing the analysis of the family rules in the recovery of its function and social meanings of these family rules in community life. In traditional society, family played an important role with community life and family rules could be seen as law of family. Family rules establish the praying habits or organize the family actitivies. These are also meaningful for society and community life as well as maintain and promote the tradtions of family as encouraging study and talents. In other words, family rules have set up a behavior for every single town member which reflected the characteristics of the town while facing with the big changes of current society.
Author: Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh

Vu Bang’s Writings through a Cultural View (30/08/2013)

Vu Bang is a writer, journalist and an intelligence who are famous with his novels and biographies... As a literatural researcher, Vu Bang has his own view and method which can be seen through his writings as a combination of national cultural values. The article pointed out the cultural levels which need to be explored in Vu Bang’s writings. It could be the tradition and modern topic, nation and human or even the signals of community culture and “typical cultural person”. Also, the artilce has offered readers an overview of cultural nature, food cuisine, festivals as the results of Hanoi cultural values through his writings.
Author: Dr. Do Thi Ngoc Chi