Identify China’s Respons to the U.S. Recent Strategies and Policy Recommendations for Vietnam (22/01/2020)

In recent times, the strategic competition between the two major rivals, the United States and China, has created new contexts and posed new challenges to the world, the region and each country. Due to its crucial geostrategic position in the competitive strategy of major countries, especially between China and the U.S., Vietnam cannot avoid impacts of the current “cold confrontation” between the two countries. Therefore, it’s essential to understand China’s responses to the U.S. strategies for the sake of Vietnam’s development and national security.
Author: Do Tien Sam

Major Countries’ Strategies for the Asia-Pacific Region and Vietnam’s Role and Position (22/01/2020)

The paper analyzes the position and importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the twenty-first century in both geo-political and geo-economic discourses with fundamental changes. Based on an analysis of the views and strategies of major countries, namely the U.S., Russia and China, for the Asia-Pacific region, the article provides some assessments on Vietnam’s role and position in the region.
Author: Pham Thi Thanh Binh, Vu Thi Phuong Dung

Applying, Enriching and Developing Marxism-Leninism Nowadays (22/01/2020)

Applying, enriching and developing Marxism-Leninism is not only an internal demand but also a response to the requirement of current situation which implies rapid development of science and technology. However, such implementation requires a principled rather than arbitrary and subjective approach. Upon clarifying this view, the paper provides some key-points in the application, enrichment and development of Marxism-Leninism.
Author: Tran Van Phong

Vietnam - U.S. Trade Relations in a New Context (22/01/2020)

Vietnam - U.S. trade relations have strongly developed in recent years. Along with the increase in bilateral trade turnover, the U.S. trade deficit with Vietnam has witnessed an upward trend. The U.S. trade policies under Trump’s administration aim at shrinking trade deficit and enhancing national security. New tariffs and technical barriers have been applied in the name of protecting the U.S. consumers, environment and workforce. This new context has brought Vietnam both opportunities and challenges in promoting trade relations with the United States.
Author: Le Thi Van Nga

Major Social Issues in the Development of Vietnam Today (22/01/2020)

This paper discusses social issues in Vietnam, focusing on two main points including basic social issues and possible solutions. From a certain perspective, the paper contributes to providing knowledge about social issues in the development process of Vietnam today.
Author: Nguyen Tuan Anh

The Role of Social Organizations and Related Development Orientations in Vietnam Today (22/01/2020)

In Vietnam, voluntary social organizations have been growing increasingly, which reflects an objective fact and natural need for links in human society. This ongoing tendency has, to some degree, aroused social potentials and freed each individual which has also contributed to the stabilization and development of the country. From the perspective of state management, creation of effective legal mechanism is a necessity to orientate the development of social organizations, maintain social stability and evoke potentials for the development.
Author: Cao Viet Thang

Thirty Years of Vietnam’s Thai Ethnic Group Studies Program: Achievements, Research Topics and Orientations (22/01/2020)

Thai Studies, namely the Vietnam’s Thai Ethnic Group Studies Program, is one of the research fields associated with the establishment and development of Vietnamese Studies in Vietnam. Over 30 years since its establishment in 1989, the program has achieved remarkable accomplishments. The article includes a systematical review of 10 main research topics conducted under the program and propositions of research possibilities in an attempt to contribute to the development of the Vietnamese Studies in the coming future.
Author: Vuong Toan