The Commercial Exploitation of Small and Medium Enterprises’s Intellectual Property Rights (08/02/2021)

The article provides a general analysis of the potentials and ways of exploiting intellectual property rights of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the market. Such exploitation includes the use of their own intellectual property rights and the use of such rights for commercial profits such as asset creation and licensing / assignment of intellectual property rights.
Author: Le Mai Thanh

Principles of Democratic Centralism and Decentralization of Local Government in Vietnam (08/02/2021)

The paper presents an overview of the principles of democratic centralism in the organization and operation of local government in Vietnam. It also indicates that the local government decentralization therein follows these contemporary principles.
Author: Vu Thu

Populism and the Covid-19 Pandemic Exacerbating Conflicts in Europe (08/02/2021)

The Covid-19 pandemic and populist trend are exacerbating conflicts in Europe, having a strong impact on socio-political life as well as the values of solidarity and attachment that the European Union (EU) has always prided on. They deepen the legacies from previous crises (public debt in 2009, migration in 2014) that have not yet been overcomed. At the same time, they also expose the decay and lack of coherence in values of a continent “without borders” as well as increase hidden disputes therein. Moreover, the EU is also expected to continue to face such transnational challenges as economic recession, pandemic resurgence and climate change, etc. Against this background, strong central institutions are increasingly required. The EU leaders also need to uphold the principles and make more efforts in overcoming the post-Covid-19 crisis in order to bring the “old continent” back on a path of more sustainable development.
Author: Thai Van Long

Smart Tourism in Japan Today (08/02/2021)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the optimal combination of a system of advanced technologies applied in industrial production and services. It has a strong impact on every industry and socio-economic field, including tourism. Therefore, developing “smart tourism” is an inevitable trend today. Japan is one of the pioneer countries in applying technologies in tourism development. The article outlines some current smart tourism issues in Japan, thereby proposing lessons for Vietnam.
Author: Luu Thi Thu Thuy

The Development of E-commerce in Vietnam: Current Situation and Trends (08/02/2021)

The process of integration into the world economy has opened up several opportunities for Vietnam. In terms of e-commerce sector, it has strongly developed and been inclined to positively grow in the future, contributing to the national economic development. The paper analyzes and evaluates the development of e-commerce in Vietnam in recent years, indicates its challenges as well as development trends.
Author: Vu Hoang Linh

Reintegrating into Domestic Job Market of Returning Migrant Workers (A Case Study in Nghe An Province) (08/02/2021)

In the context of strong globalization and specific characteristics of the golden population structure in Vietnam today, encouraging workers to work abroad is one of the practical policies, contributing to the national development. However, ensuring jobs for those who are returning migrant workers after the end of their working term abroad has not been paid due attention. In fact, they face various difficulties in the process of reintegrating into the local job market. The paper focuses on job seeking activities of returning migrant workers, analyzes difficulties as well as factors affecting their job seeking.
Author: Ong Thi Mai Thuong

Ensuring Human Rights and Civil Rights in Library Law 2019 of Vietnam (08/02/2021)

Library Law No. 46/2019/QH14 passed by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on November 21, 2019, effective July 1st, 2020, has important implications for the completion of legal regulations on ensuring human rights and civil rights which is stipulated by the Constitution with the basic rights: the right to access information and the right to access and enjoy cultural values, to participate in cultural life and to use of cultural facilities. The study focuses on overview, analysis and identification of legal institution on ensuring human rights and civil rights in the Library Law, then recommends measures for the Law to be implemented in the coming time.
Author: Le Tung Son