Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam in the Era of Integration (02/07/2013)

Currently, the face of the social sciences and humanities in Vietnam is rated sadly by a majority of scholars, including many devoted persons to this area, because it’s weak in policy advice, social evaluation and social debate, and because it is inadequate to meet the country's development needs and development needs of science itself. In relation to regional and world social sciences and humanities, Vietnam’s is incomplete, outdated, and even, odd. But that's just the social sciences and humanities in Vietnam, looking from one side. There is other side of Vietnam’s social sciences and humanities. As a social science and humanities Vietnam viewed from the other. Not because of weakness compared to outside world, but it can not affect positively to Vietnam’s society in the past 20 years. In fact, from the early days of renewal, by its special way, social sciences and humanities of Vietnam have affected the most necessary place of social life, paving the way for a new shaping method of development - from a subjective, dogmatic and less effective development method, the country has moved to a new method of dynamic development, actively and effectively ... Although there is many things did not grow as expected. Seen from this point, we can say, social sciences and humanities of Vietnam are not accredited but well deserve for changing a society to a historical development turning-points. That is the main content of this article. The article includes the subsection: Introduction; "Characteristics" or different from all other; Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam in integration period: a recognition and evaluation; Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam in integration period: different viewpoint and evaluation; Conclusion.
Author: Prof.Dr. Ho Si Quy

Actual Change of the Gap between the Rich and the Poor in Market Economy of Vietnam Nowadays (02/07/2013)

The market economy is one of the factors and conditions create the gap between rich-poor relative to the sharp fluctuations over the years. This situation has affected not little to quality of life and mentality of the people In Vietnam today, the gap between the rich-poor changes with diverse manifestation. One of the main trends is the gap between income increases largely, parallel with the difference of living standard, enjoyment and access to social services. Besides, the status of poverty concentrated in rural areas, regions and remote areas is increasing; unjust enrichment is emerging very clearly.
Author: MA. Bui Thi Hoan

Rural Families of Vietnam in Renewal Period (02/07/2013)

The book is one result of the interdisciplinary research project "Rural Families of Vietnam in Transition" (code VS-RDE/05) under cooperative research program of Vietnam – Sweden funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA / SAREC) funded and managed by Ministry of Science and Technology in the 2004-2010 period. With quite diverse research topics as marriage, resident organizations, the division of labor, relations between generations in the family, migration, education, children, sexuality, family violence,… the book provides more abundant details for the multi-side and colorful picture of a non-stop changing Vietnamese rural families under the renewal, industrialization, modernization and international integration during the past 2 decades.
Author: Summarized by Thien Duyen, from the book edited by Trinh Duy Luan, Helle Rydstrom, Wil Burghoorn, published by Social Sciences Publishing House, 2011