Approach to Research on the Developing Doctrine of Vietnam during Ho Chi Minh’s Period (02/07/2013)

Researches on the developing doctrine of Vietnam are the researches on social developing theories and summaries of social developing practice in Vietnam through certain periods, especially the 20th century and today. Topic on “The developing doctrine of Vietnam during Hochiminh’s period and its application in the early years of the 21st century – Prospects to 2020 and 2045)” is independent and at national level topic which has been implemented since 2008 by Central Theoretical Council. It is currently accepted and began to public the research work. Social Science Information Reviews will introduce one of the topic’s approaching methods of Prof.Dr. Hoang Chi Bao
Author: Prof.Dr. Hoang Chi Bao

New Acknowledgement of Socialism and Its Establishment in Vietnam (02/07/2013)

Under the leadership of Vietnamese Communist Party, our country has obtained great and meaningful achievements which are turning points for the nations after 20 years of reformation. These achievements have been creating the new position and ability by which Communist Party and whole nation could strive for the purposes as a prosperous people, a strong country, an equitable democratic and civilization. In order to clarify the new acknowledge of Communist party about the Socialism and its establishment within 25 years of renews and 20 years of implementing Platform on national construction in the period of transition to socialism (1991), the book has offered the basic trends and solution to keep developing the theories of Socialism, and its establishment as main concepts.
Author: Nguyen Quoc Pham, Do Thi Thach (co-ediors) (2012). Introduced by Hai Thanh

Language Creation for Minority Ethnics: Case of Bhnong Language in Quang Nam Province (02/07/2013)

Language creation for Vietnam’s minority ethnics has been one of the main attentions of Communist Party and State. The creating pathway is to build up the letters based on the Latin system which is close with the Vietnamese language. We have done researches on creating the Bhnong language as the main language for those living Quang Nam province through two topics as Researches on fully implementing Gie-Trieng letters and editing the language book in Gie-Trieng, and Researches on editing Exercise Books for Bhnong language. The article is about the basic features of Bhnong language in the progress of becoming the major language.
Author: Bui Dang Binh and Nguyen Van Thanh