Digital Resources and Requirements for the Implementation of Digital Library in Social Sciences Library (27/02/2014)

Social Sciences Library belongs to the management of Institute of Social Sciences and Information - Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. It has been known as a precious library for both domestic and foreign researchers. The implementation of digital collections and the Institute’s website as an electronic information gateway are significantly necessary for providing information, improving the quality, promotion and introduction of these data resources. This will facilitate local and foreign scholars to efficiently access this diversified resource of information. The article summarizes the human resources of library as well as its digital collection; also, it clarified the requirements for the implementation of the digital library in current conditions.
Author: Dr. Phan Tan, Nguyen Duy Thoa and Nguyen Van Hoi

Nguyen Truong To’s Innovative Thought on Talents, Training Talents and How to Use Them (27/02/2014)

Nguyen Truong To (1830-1871) is a Roman Catholic scholar and spectacular reformer in the half end of the 19th century. His famous works were in many fields such as politics, education including examinations, especially his innovative thoughts on talents, training and using talents. He also strengthens the essential roles of talents toward the prosperity of each dynasty, and even provided new requirements for talents in the end of the 19th century. The article is a reference for the innovative ideas of education, training and using talents of Nguyen Truong To. The purpose is to offer some useful recommendation for the education reformation of Vietnam in current period.
Author: MA. Nguyen Thi Hieu

Scientific Workshop: Some Issues and Solutions to Improve the Theoretical Research and the Summary of Practical Experiences in the New Developing Period of Vietnam (27/02/2014)

Since the reformation, the researches of theories and the summary of practical experiences have contributed to the implementation of Vietnam Communist Party’s renewals. It has added, developed many theoretical issues and built up the developing direction for the country; form up the model as well as the suitable steps in each period. However, there are limitations in the researches and summary of practical experiences which led to the low ability of catching up the growth and requirements of renovation. For example, some of theoretical issues were not clearly clarified or summarized while new issues do not receive enough attention… Together with some recommendation, the analysis of practical experiences and the clarification of issues related to the theoretical research and the summary of these experiences will facilitate, improve the quality of the research works. This is also the major topic on the scientific conference on “Some issues and solutions to improve the theory research and the summary of practical experiences in the new developing period of Vietnam”.
Author: Pham Nguyen Duc (summarized)