To Establish the Concession Society Issue (14/02/2015)

As a phenomenon of the psychological life, the yielding behavior is reflected through the ethics, habits, customs and culture of behavior in daily life. In such relationship related to economics, politics or laws, the yielding behavior is still able to be reflected or have their own impacts. The concession culture, however, is not expressed in such above relationship which has become a remarkable notice for all of us. Author want to discuss here is there is a lacking of a characteristic in either general communication or higher levels. It is the yield which could be seen through personal characters, culture, habits and their communicating methods. It showed that, the biggest disadvantage of the social spiritual life in all aspects is still the concession. And it is even much cleared in the comparison with the external societies. In this article, the author chose to point out some of the first feelings about this situation in Vietnam and not deeply analyzed the complicated side of the issue. These feelings could be the good alarm and warnings for people so that the following research works will work out this issue in a more incisive aspect.
Author: Dr. Phan Tan

Building the System of Vietnamese Culture to Meet the Demands of the Industrialization, Modernization and Integration (14/02/2015)

Together with the current globalization, Vietnam is in the transition from an agricultural society to the modernized, industrialized and urbanized society. Hence, the system of Vietnamese culture has had the certain changes and moving in which there might be things called erosion or even crisis. This led to the unstable society with increasing social evils and people do now know to follow which cultural system. There is an idea which considers that the general system of Vietnamese people should be built based on the activity of traditional values at various methods and levels, for example, structural and concept changes together with the addition of new values including fairness, equality, freedom, democracy, legal respect and personal benefits so on. The author has analyzed and clarified above viewpoints.
Author: Dr. Dao Dinh Thuong

Factors Hindering the Participation of Women on Doing Scientific Researches under the Gender Views (Case Study in An Giang Province) (14/02/2015)

The article has summarized the situation of joining in doing the scientific research of women today. It also analyzed the factors which are hindering women’s participation on doing these researches under the gender views through case studies in An Giang province. The research result showed that women have faced many difficulties of family, personal reasons and even barriers of working environment and mechanism.
Author: MA. Phan Thuan, MA. Tran Thi Kim Lien