The Need of Changing Attitude towards Democracy (18/01/2016)

This keynote speech was delivered at the Conference ‘Upgrading democracy in Internet era, struggling against corruption, social supervision and criticism’ aiming at collecting ideas to the draft documents of the 12th Communist Party Congress co-organized in Hanoi, October 2015, by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam. The speech was positively appreciated by the Organizing Board and drew a great interest in and outside the conference. According to the keynote speaker: The very issue of concern in Vietnam today is the attitude towards democracy. There seem sufficient theories of democracy for social management, not for academic argument; The deficient, in fact, could be consulted or completed almost without any difficulty. There is no lack of lessons learnt from thousands years now, especially from the neighbor countries in the past decades.
Author: Prof. Dr. Ho Si Quy

The Social Issues in Vietnam and Public Opinions through 2015 Event Collections (18/01/2016)

At the end of each year, mass media and websites often propose the voting list for the significant events according their own criteria, approach angle or even their impression: from the economic, social, scientific and technological views etc. There are also articles that propose top quotes, top thrilling actions or stirring photos etc. From the public opinion angle, this article will share with the readers the discussion of social issues through event collections that are surrounded by people’s controversy in 2015.
Author: Dr. Phan Tan

Contribution to Anthropology Study in Current International Integration (18/01/2016)

Anthropology study is still a new major in Vietnam. Its title, object and scope of study is perceived in many different ways. To date, the studying and teaching circle of anthropology in Vietnam is focusing on its history, current situation and perspective. As a contribution to discussing this topic, the article mentions 3 main issues: - Generalization of current situation of anthropology studying and teaching in Vietnam. - Reconceptualization of anthropology and its specific characteristics. - Anthropology complexity theory: An important contribution of Edgar Morin to the development of the contemporary anthropology.
Author: Associate Prof. Pham Khiem Ich