Urban Culture and Urban Cultural Space (26/10/2020)

The twenty-first century is considered the urban century. As a matter of fact, cities play an important role in history in general and in cultural history in particular. As a special organizational form of spaces, cities performing the functions of those spaces have become administrative, political, cultural or economic centers. Urban people with urban culture and civilization attached to these centers, on the one hand, is the product of urban life, on the other hand, is the cause of the unique urban appearance. The concept of cultural space is an extension of H. Lefebvre’s concept of social space. In a broad sense, cultural space is considered as one of the modes of cultural development, including institutions for cultural activity and creation, socio-cultural networks, and cultural services, etc. Today, when it comes to cultural spaces, people often pay more attention to specific cultural spaces that are designed and created by particular actors with defined economic and social goals.
Author: Ho Si Quy

Marriage and Family Life of Workers in Industrial Zones (A Case Study of Song Than Industrial Zone, Binh Duong Province) (26/10/2020)

Vietnamese families are facing many challenges in the context of development and integration. In particular, families of workers have many unique characteristics and are strongly affected by the national industrialization and modernization. Marriage and family policies have not completely covered workers migrating to industrial zones. In fact, their marriage and family life in industrial zones is posing several problems related to social management and sustainable family development. The article explores the current state of affairs, clarifies the relevant obstacles and challenges of workers migrating from rural areas to industrial zones.
Author: Dang Thi Hoa, Bui Thi Huong Tram, Vu Thi Cuc

Current Nurturing Care for under 24 Month Children whose Parents Work in Industrial Zones (26/10/2020)

The article is a part of the ministry-level survey project in 2020 in Bac Ninh province, analyzing the model of nurturing care for under 24 month children whose parents are working in industrial zones accorded with the indicators by ethnic groups, accommodation and living standards. The survey result shows that there is a huge difference between Kinh majority and ethnic minority parents in children’s nurturing care which are also influenced by their accommodation and living standards.
Author: Nguyen Thị Thu Nguyet

Secularization: Contemporary International Perspectives (26/10/2020)

An historic process to enlighten the people initially and to undermine or diminish religion’s role in modern times subsequently, especially in Europe, is interpreted as secularization. However, several opposing perspectives suggest that the secularization theory may not be applicable to multi-religious regions, even being challenged by the rise of religious extremism and the religiousity in social life and world politics in recent years. The paper summarizes prominent viewpoints and comments of international scholars on the secularity in the current global context.
Author: Nguyen Thị Le

Beliefs of Local Residents in the South Central Coast (26/10/2020)

The diversity of marine culture, notably the beliefs of local residents in the South Central Coast has been approached from various academic angles. The paper focuses on three main beliefs in Ca Ong (Whale), Lady Po Nagar and spirits in terms of its origin, characteristics and values. Thereby, it proposes solutions for preservating and promoting the native religious values in current context.
Author: Bui Duc Mau

Sustainable Tourism Development in Vietnam: Issues and Solutions (26/10/2020)

Sustainable tourism and sustainable tourism development have emerged as a new trend in tourism industry in all over the world, including Vietnam. The article, on a literature review basis of Vietnamese sustainable tourism development in recent years, proposes solutions to promote sustainable tourism in Vietnam.
Author: Luu Thi Thu Thuy

Exploitation of Forest Plant Resources and Problems Posing for Sustainable Development in Lao Cai Province (26/10/2020)

Forest plant resources plays an important role in human life in general, in socio-economic development of localities in particular. This natural resource exploitation has great effect on local economies, societies and environment. The paper analyzes the management and exploitation of forest plant resources situation and its impacts on socioeconomic development in Lao Cai province, pointing out some issues for sustainable developement.
Author: Nguyen Ngoc Huy