Thorough Grasp of the Perspectives of the 13th Party Congress on Building and Promoting Vietnamese Cultural Values and Human Strength (21/10/2021)

Culture and people play a fundamental and significant role in the national construction and development, which is reflected in the Document of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Dealing with the demands of Vietnam’s reality, the 13th Party Congress has developed theories and guiding perspectives in building and promoting Vietnamese cultural values and human strength in a unified and dialectical relationship, promoting motivation towards the shared goal of promoting the country’s sustainable development and international integration.
Author: Nguyen Thanh Hai

Non-material Factors in International Relations (21/10/2021)

While material factors were previously conceived as a core subject in the study of international relations, in modern times, non-material factors increasingly prevail in practice and have more influence on international relations, which requires further research. The paper reviews non-material factors in the history of international relations; indicates the rise of non-material factors of modern times through eight manifestations in international relations; analyzes five basic reasons for their emergence; and identifies some factors and their ability to affect international relations. On that basis, the paper draws some comments on the study of non-material factors in international relations.
Author: Hoang Khac Nam

Controversy between the US and China over the Covid-19 Origin (21/10/2021)

Almost two years since the Covid-19 emerged, there has been lots of debates between the US and China about its origin. While the US blamed China for the Covid-19 pandemic, China also showed reactions to this move. The controversy became more intense when the World Health Assembly (WHA) passed a resolution to comprehensively investigate the Covid-19 origin in the Chinese city of Wuhan (2020) and 10 scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted an investigation and gave preliminary results (January 2021). The article clarifies the US’s doubts and China’s responses to the origin of the Covid-19, thereby presents some comments of this issue.
Author: Loc Thi Thuy

Crisis of Sea Freight in the World and Solutions for Vietnam (21/10/2021)

Sea transport plays a crucial role in the service industry in the international integration context. The current sea freight crisis results in a loss to consumers and exporters, from national to global levels. Exploring the crisis nature and causes as well as the international responses shall provide Vietnam with useful suggestions.
Author: Le Quang Trung, Vu Hung Cuong

Income Inequality and Middle-Income Class in Vietnam (21/10/2021)

The paper assumes the relationship between the middle-income class and inequality in income distribution as follows: In pre-industrial and early industrial societies, inequality in income distribution increased when the middle-income classes were small; In the later stage, the more industrialized society developed, the more the middle-income classes expanded while the inequality in income distribution decreased. Based on the results of data processing from the Vietnam Household Living Standards Survey (VHLSS) from 2002 to 2020 conducted by the General Statistics Office, the paper proves that the above research hypothesis is appropriate with the ongoing industrialization in Vietnam (2002-2020); and forecasts that inequality in Vietnam will continue to decrease (after 2020) until the end of the industrialization process.
Author: Do Thien Kinh

Religion in Public Space from Theoretical and Practical Perspectives (21/10/2021)

Religion, despite its significance in social life, has always been a complex and controversial issue, especially in its relation to politics (state), human rights and liberal democracy. From a theoretical perspective, the paper contributes to clarifying the distinction between the public and private spheres, as well as religion the public sphere/space. Besides, the paper analyzes disputes about the free expression of religious symbols in public space through the case of the French Republic.
Author: Nguyen Thi Le

Social Media in Archives - An Effective Solution to Promote the Value of Archives in the Digital Era (21/10/2021)

Social media, among others, is growing strongly, affecting all aspects of social life. The advent of social media has created several opportunities as well as posed challenges in terms of sending, receiving and sharing information and knowledge to serve the diverse needs of the community. For archival work in the current era of information explosion, the application of social media is considered an effective solution to promote the value of archives, as well as knowledge and social behavior changes to the archival work and relevant agencies.
Author: Nguyen Trung Duc