AUKUS and New US Indo-Pacific Strategic Policy (26/10/2022)

The situation in the Indo-Pacific region has escalated dramatically over the past decade by the tense relationship between the US and China. After withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, the United States shifted its focus from fighting terrorism to containing China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region. In 2021, the US, the UK and Australia officially established a tripartite defense alliance called AUKUS, whose main goal is to strengthen their role in ensuring security in the Indo-Pacific. The Biden administration is addressing America’s commitment to the region by strengthening alliances through AUKUS and other multilateral initiatives.
Author: Tran Thi Thanh, Tran Nguyen Truong Hai

Education Level of Ethnic Minority Women in Vietnam (A Case Study in Lai Chau and Yen Bai Provinces) (26/10/2022)

Educational disparity between Kinh and Chinese groups with ethnic minorities, between men and women has long been of much concern in Vietnam. In fact, ethnic minorities have low educational attainment, in which women account for a high rate of illiteracy and low rate of graduating from secondary and high schools or higher. Various factors can affect their opportunities to access education, namely, financial capacity, infrastructure, conception, culture, etc. Based on authors’ survey results 2021, the paper explores and analyzes these factors in Lai Chau and Yen Bai provinces.
Author: Nghiem Thi Thuy, Nguyen Trong Tai

Factors Affecting Children’s Mental Health in the Context of the Covid-19 Epidemic (26/10/2022)

The Covid-19 outbreak has changed the daily activities of children worldwide. Many schools had to close and switched to online learning. The pandemic also exacerbated existing mental health problems and led to more cases among children due to the public health crisis, social isolation and economic recession. Based on a literature review of foreign studies that conducted in 2020-2022, the article presents key factors affecting children’s mental health when they have to stay home from school.
Author: Nguyen Thi Thu Nguyet, Bui Thi Hong

Support Policies for Social Enterprises in the UK and Suggestions for Vietnam (26/10/2022)

Social entrepreneurship has become a trend in many countries. Following the development and emergence of social enterprises, several policies have been issued by governments to encourage and promote the cooperation and responsibility sharing between states and social enterprises in providing social welfare to enhance values for the community. The article explores the concept of social entrepreneurship, analyzing the state's support policies in the UK, thereby proposing some suggestions for Vietnam.
Author: Nguyen Thi Ho Diep, Tran Nguyen My Linh

Practices of Worshiping Nam Hai Bodhisattva of the Residents in the Southwest (26/10/2022)

The marine culture of the Southwest region has been studied in many different aspects as an important component of Vietnam’s marine culture. In particular, the practice of worshiping Nam Hai Bodhisattva, among others, occupies a high coverage in the Southwest region. The article clarifies the origin and values of the Nam Hai Bodhisattva worship of Southwestern coastal residents, thereby recommending solutions to preserve and promote this practice in the current context.
Author: Bui Duc Mau

An Overview of Writer Trinh Cuong (26/10/2022)

The Lord Trinh Cuong (1686-1729) was not only a talented politician and general but also a refined poet. This paper presents a literature review of collecting and examining Trinh Cuong’s poetry as well as identifies some features of his works and poetic art form. Thus, it asserts that he is a typical author of the Le - Trinh dynasties.
Author: Nguyen Manh Hoang

Some Characteristics of Memoirs (26/10/2022)

A subcategory of the nonfiction narrative writing, memoir shares common characteristics of this writing style while having its own features as an independent and interesting genre. The paper summarizes some characteristics of memoir and initial comparisons to distinguish memoir from other prose genres such as novels, especially with closely related genres, namely, diary and autobiography.
Author: Pham Quynh An