Some Issues of Researching and Applying the Nexus between Philosophy and Specific Sciences in Higher Education in Vietnam Today (15/11/2023)

Philosophy of specific sciences and the relationship between philosophy and specific scientific disciplines are of interest in both theoretical and practical aspects, not only in institutions specializing in philosophy but also in researching and teaching various fields and majors at university level. This article endeavors to expound upon the nexus between philosophy and specific sciences while also elucidating key issues that necessitate exploration in the context of applying philosophical principles within our present-day higher education landscape.
Author: Nguyen Duy Nhien

Some Circular Economy Models in the World and Recommended Solutions for Vietnam (15/11/2023)

Circular economy as an alternative approach to linear economy has been considered the best to decouple economic growth from environmental pollution, create more new job opportunities and increase economic growth momentum, help effectively use resources, reduce waste generation and adverse environmental impacts, facilitate the implementation of sustainable development goals. Therefore, circular economy is being drastically promoted worldwide. The article explores the circular economy models in Canada, Sweden and Singapore, hence, draws lessons and proposes some solutions to develop the circular economy in Vietnam.
Author: Ngo Thi Mai Dien

Economic Cooperation between Lao Cai Province (Vietnam) and Yunnan Province (China) in Recent Years (15/11/2023)

With a 183.8 km border with Yunnan province of China, Lao Cai province has become an important traffic intersection, a transit point for the movement of goods and trade cooperation among provinces in the region as well as between Vietnam and China. The paper presents the following aspects: (i) Mechanisms and policies to promote economic cooperation of Lao Cai and Yunnan. (ii) Economic cooperation situation therein. (iii) Shortcomings and limitations in economic cooperation between these two provinces. (iv) Some solutions to develop their economic cooperation in the coming time.
Author: Ha Thu Thuy

Autonomization of Japanese State-owned Culture and Arts Facilities in Recent Years (15/11/2023)

Autonomization soon became a debate during the first stage of modern Japan’s cultural policy as a result of the avoidance of central governments from cultural policymaking after Japan’s failure in World War II. Until the late 1980s, local governments and private sections acted as both dynamics and fundamental supports for the development of Japanese culture and arts. Since the 1990s, drastic changes have been seen together with the central governments’ active shift in cultural policy-making. The article provides a literature review of Japanese scholars’ studies and debates on enhancing autonomization of Japanese state-owned culture and arts facilities in recent years.
Author: Nguyen Duong Do Quyen

Information Warfare between Russia and Ukraine on Social Networks (15/11/2023)

The fierce conflict between Russia and Ukraine has not come to an end since Russia launched a special military campaign on February 24, 2022. Besides the ground combat, the two sides have been actively waging information warfare to gain international as well as domestic support. Specifically, Russia has constantly used all foreign and domestic media channels to justify its military actions as legal and necessary to protect regional peace. In contrast, Ukraine has made every effort to portray itself as a country being unlawfully invaded, while also appealing for international humanitarian and military aid.
Author: Pham Phuong Ha

The Belief in Worshipping Sea Gods in Ngu Loc Commune, Hau Loc District, Thanh Hoa Province (15/11/2023)

The belief in worshipping sea gods has played an important role in fishermen’ lives which meet their spiritual and cultural needs. It contributes to educating fishering community cultural traditions and ethics, enriching the nation’s cultural value system, and nurturing the love for family and homeland, as well as community cohesion, along with creating the environment in which cultural and artistic values arise, integrate, preserve and convey. It has become a cultural characteristic that helps distinguish the fishing community from other ethnic communities. This article focuses on introducing some typical sea god worship beliefs of Ngu Loc commune, Hau Loc district, Thanh Hoa province such as Whale worship, the worship of four Mother Goddesses, the worship of Ne Son Father King in order to clarify the role and value of these beliefs in the lives of fishermen as well as attempt to preserve and promote their values in the current context.
Author: Pham Thi Ha Xuyen

Theories Applied in Studying the Role of the Local Political System in New Rural Construction (Case Study in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic) (15/11/2023)

New rural construction as a revolution in agriculture and rural areas brings a comprehensive change in the rural areas and people’s lives therein. The success and effectiveness of this work in each locality depends on several factors, of which the significance of the local political system cannot be ignored. The paper presents some key theories applied to study the role of local political system in building new rural areas through a case study of Lao People’s Democratic Republic, thereby provides the central and local political systems with criteria to evaluate the performance of the local government apparatus in performing its role in this work today.
Author: Kanha Senthamavong