About the “Asian Century” (continued) (02/07/2013)

This article examines the comments, reviews the development of the Asia revolves around the concept of "Asian miracle", "the Asian century" and "Pacific century". By analyzing the role of China, the United States in the region as well as “jamming” of its superpower ambitions in the East Sea, the author conclude: The Asian Century is not an unrealistic concept. In the 21st century, China, East Asia and South East Asia will continue to grow and become more prosperous. The East Sea may be an obstacle to becoming a superpower, but if strategists are able to avoid war, then the Asian Century will become true. The Pacific Century is also a real concept, reflecting the volatility and complexity of geopolitics in this region. The practical impacts on implementing this strategy have implication to the concept of Asian Century. The East Sea plays a growing political role all around the world. It will serve as the “training grounds” for various opinions, strategies, methods (including tricks), and attitudes (including compromises)… in relation to all aspects of the economy, politics, military, diplomacy of affected countries, in particular those countries that are directly affected. To realize the concept of Pacific Century, the US will certainly consolidate its presence in the East Sea. As a result, America’s inherent strength needs to grow yet greater in order to compete strategically. Therefore, America cannot fade away just yet, and so the West cannot meet its demise. And indeed, many countries can still gain invaluable knowledge from the West. Social progress is a law of nature. Hence, despite there being numerous obstacles and dogmatic views, the 21st century seems to be promising for Asia and for all of mankind.
Author: Prof.Dr. Ho Si Quy

Social Management at Grassroot Level (Case of Ba Na Ethnic in Gia Lai Province) (02/07/2013)

Ba Na ethnic, the third large population of Gia Lai province, has been significantly contributing to the growth of Gia Lai’s economy and society. However, the low self- developed level as well as the limited ability of training has led to the downward living standards of Ba Na people. Among many reasons, it is the problem of social management of Gia Lai’s political system while it is the direct managing level and most closed with people. In order to point our positive and issues of the social management as part of Ba Na’s political system, an survey was carried out in three communes in two districts of Gia Lai where Ba Na people mostly live in, as Ya Ma, Đak Ko Ning of Kong Chro distric and Glar of Dak Doa. Through this survey, the article suggested some recommendations for policy makers to remove difficulties as well as promote positive sides in the social management by which improving the social and economical situation of this province.
Author: MA. Nguyen Van Thang

Some Affecting Factors of Implementing the Social Policies on Female Labor in Businesses Today (Case in Vinh Phuc’s Businesses) (02/07/2013)

The rapid growth of businesses across the country has effectively provided the solution to employment. On the other hand, it raised issues that require the attention in the progress of implementing social policies towards general labor and female one in particular. The article focused on analyzing some factors that affect the policy implementation in businesses with the case of enterprises in VÜnh Phóc through the following aspects as working conditions, role of enterprises, work union as well as labor themselves in implementing such social policies. Also, the article offered some recommendations to fulfill and improve the effectiveness of social policies’ implementation on female labor in current period.
Author: MA. Hoang Thanh Xuan