Democracy Index (15/11/2013)

Democracy is an immeasurable object even Economist Intelligence Unit Index of Democracy which belongs to UK’s The Economist magazine has done research on democracy in most of countries since 2006. It is the foundation for the design of democracy index including DI, Democracy Index to measure and evaluate the democracy of each nation. Democracy index is measured by the five following criteria: 1/ The progress of election and the implementation of pluralism, 2/ Freedom of citizen, 3/ Governmental operations, 4/ The participation in politics and 5/ Political Culture. This index, moreover, is only measured by above five criteria which affect the reality of democracy in countries. Limitations could be found out through the position of countries in the list. The article tries to offer a deeper and multi - dimensional views about democracy which are essential to researchers as well as governments.
Author: Prof. Dr. Ho Si Quy

Some Matters on the Migration of Vietnamese Labor in Overseas (15/11/2013)

Along with the process of globalization and international economic integration, labor migration is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Beside the positive effect on “improving the income”, labor migration also has some unexpected effects on relationship of family and society. This research explained some basic characteristics of the process of Vietnamese labor migration abroad as well as study its effects on family and society.
Author: MA. Nguyen Hong Thai

Vietnamese Modern Novels: The Innovative Thinking of Category (15/11/2013)

Vietnamese short story from 1986 until now has played an important role in forming the big picture of Vietnamese contemporary literature with changes in many dimensions that can encapsulate a general statement: the innovative thinking of category. From the overview of innovations in the perception and reception of genre, the author brought to readers a general picture of innovations in the storyline as well as character system. All of them tried to demonstrate changes in creative inspiration, reflection of reality, and writing styles. It can be considered as a breakthrough of Vietnamese short story today.
Author: Prof. Dr. Le Duc Tu