Scientific Conference on “The Protection and Development of Scientific Socialism in Current Period” (15/11/2014)

Today, the world, regional and local circumstances are having many complicated and fluctuated changes which could become the threats for the peace and stability of Vietnam, and even put the existence and development of socialism in a danger. The scientific conference on “The Protection and Development of Scientific Socialism in current period” held by Politics Academy, is one of effort to confirm the value and strong vitality of scientific socialism. It is also a chance to explain the current issues in the practice of building socialism in Vietnam and the world, therefore to figure out solutions and positive steps in next periods. The organizer has received more than 60 writing papers for the conference.
Author: MA. Vu Thi Xuan Mai

The Status of Applying World Literature Theories after the Renewal (15/11/2014)

In general, the literature studies of Vietnam has grown up as one of the fundamental sciences. Doing researches on literature is to comment or criticize not only based on the feelings, but also scientific theories. Vietnam’s literature could be considered to be basically integrated with the world; however, there are limitations in both researching world and its application. The authors have analyzed and clarified the achievements of the literature researches in Vietnam. They also pointed out some limitations of using foreign theories.
Author: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Dan

The Livelihood of Farmers: Theories and Practice (15/11/2014)

Up to now, the term “livelihood” was analyzed and defined via many research works in dimensional aspects. Theoretically, the growth and earning for living have received much attention of scholars when they did researches on living standards of farmers in the modernization and industrialization. The article has analyzed and clarified some theories about the livelihood of farmers by world scholars. It also summarized the research results about the livelihood of farmers in recent times then provided suggestions about the new approach of this topic in Vietnam.
Author: MA. Nguyen Duc Huu