Capitalism Today: Manifestations, Characteristics and Adaptations of Vietnam (31/05/2024)

Capitalism today is a huge socio-political entity on a world scale, but from any perspective one can see that it is diverse and complex and not easy to identify or evaluate thoroughly. However, the paper analyzes and proves that capitalism remains a socio-economic form in which the main mode of production has production forces at the highest level of socialization, and production relations at the most advanced level. Today’s capitalist system is largely characterized by the followings: (i) competition; (ii) private ownership; (iii) profit; (iv) less government intervention.
Author: Ho Si Quy

Building Japan’s Society 5.0: Achievements and Some Issues Arise (31/05/2024)

Facing several socio-economic challenges due to population aging and the increasing risk of natural disasters with stronger impacts, since 2016, the Japanese government has cooperated with the private sector to develop a new comprehensive strategy called “Society 5.0”. Taking advantage of the achievements of the fourth industrial revolution and society 4.0, a new super smart society is formed. After 7 years of implementation, Japan’s Society 5.0 has been catching up with new global trends. The article explores the concept of society 5.0 as well as the achievements in Japan’s 7 years of building a society 5.0, thereby pointing out some of the issues that Japan has been facing in this work.
Author: Nguyen Thi Chau

Impacts of Capital Resources on the Livelihood of Thai People Resettled by Ban Ve Hydropower Plant in Thanh Son Commune, Thanh Chuong District, Nghe An Province (31/05/2024)

Thai ethnic people has resettled by the construction of Ban Ve Hydropower Plant in Thanh Son commune, Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province for about 15 years (2009-2024). Most people commented that although their current infrastructure and life are better than in the old residence, compared to the general level of Nghe An province, the lives of resettled people are still at an average level, the rate of poor households remains high, and people’s livelihoods keeps facing many difficulties. Many reasons lead to the above situation, i.e., some households have not been given enough land for production, extreme weather has affected crop productivity and output. The paper uses the sustainable livelihood theory of the UK Department for International Development (DFID) with five sources of capitals (human, natural, financial, social, physical) to evaluate current life and livelihood of resettled Thai people in Thanh Son commune.
Author: Pham Quang Linh, Nguyen Ngoc Thanh

Some Opinions on Social Insurance Regimes in the Draft Revised Law on Social Insurance (31/05/2024)

Currently, the revised Law on Social Insurance is being drafted, and people’s opinions are being collected, including the regimes of compulsory social insurance and voluntary social insurance. This article comments on inappropriate aspects of sickness, maternity, retirement, and survivorship allowance regimes in the Draft Revised Law on Social Insurance (October 9, 2023) to further improve the relevant provisions in the Draft Law on Social Insurance.
Author: Le Thi Hoai Thu

The Politics of Tradition from a Literature Review (31/05/2024)

The article provides a literature review in the world and in Vietnam on the politics of tradition. The politics of tradition attracts foreign scholars who are interested in understanding specifically the process of cultural practices becoming “traditional”. This is also an issue of concern for domestic scientists due to its possibility to enhance awareness of the movement of Vietnam’s cultural life as well as its theoretical contributions in analyzing cultural practices in the contemporary context.
Author: Nguyen Giao

Waterway Transportation Routes in Phu Yen Province in the Period 1802-1884 (31/05/2024)

In the early 19th century, the Nguyen Dynasty was established, marking the integrity of the national territory, territorial waters and the unification of management subjects, which facilitated smooth, expanded and developed transportation throughout the country in general, and in Phu Yen province in particular. Based on a literature review, the article focuses on waterway transportation routes in Phu Yen province in the period 1802-1884 as a lifeline connecting traffic and trade locally as well as nationwide, thereby drawing initial comments in this regard.
Author: Dinh Thi Thao, Ta Thi Thuy, Nguyen Kim Vy

The Formation and Development Process of Vietnamese Children’s Literature (31/05/2024)

Children’s literature has the shortest development history in the flow of Vietnamese literature. Nevertheless, for nearly a century, Vietnamese children’s literature has presented a composition movement and a collection of authors and works of worthy stature. Based on a literature review, the paper summarizes the development stages of children’s literature over the past decades to provide a comprehensive view of the formation and development process of Vietnamese children’s literature.
Author: Nguyen Thi Tam