Vietnamese Market Economy from the Perspective of Cultural Center - Periphery Relation (12/10/2015)

Currently, in Vietnam, there are many conceptions of a socialist-oriented market economy. However, interpretations of socialist orientation and the characteristics of the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam given by scientists have not yet made clear the characteristics of socialist orientation of the economy that Vietnam is building. Meanwhile, Vietnam’s experts and economic managers tend to promote private enterprise to play a dominant role in the market economy following the general pattern of the world. The article clarifies specific cultural features of Vietnamese market economy, analyzes the roles of state-owned and private enterprises as well as the center - periphery relation of each economic sector through the perspective of cultural center - periphery relation. On that basis, the article affirms the socialist-oriented market economy is to establish center - periphery relation, in which the center - periphery relation is an equal, fairly competitive relation which has brought a positive contribution from the public and private sectors to Vietnam’s economy.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Dan

Female Intellectuals in Science and Technology Activities (12/10/2015)

In recent years, Vietnamese female intellectual resources have developed continuously both in terms of quantity and quality, always been regarded as an important part of high-quality human resources, played a significant role in the knowledge economy of the country. By sociological approach, the article provides some findings about the ability and opportunity to participate in scientific activities of female intellectuals under the influence of factors in order to clarify characteristics of this subject in science and technology activities.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Viet Thanh, MA. Bui Van Tuan

Factors Obstructing the Involvement of Children in Decisions Relating to Them in the Families (Case Study of Hanoi) (12/10/2015)

The involvement of children in decisions relating to them in the families is a comprehensive developmental need of children in the new period and this need has been institutionalized by law, namely in Law on Child protection, care and education of Vietnam and Convention on the Rights of the Child, constituting children's involvement rights. Based on actual research results in the area of Hanoi, the article generalizes the situation of children’s involvement, and analyzes the factors obstructing the involvement of children in decisions relating to them in families.
Author: MA. Nguyen Thi Quynh Hoa