Solutions to Improving the Ability of Public Policy Making in Vietnam (17/12/2013)

Studies on public policies and law in the relationship with Vietnamese economy’s growth are not new topics. It, however, has become an issue in Vietnam recently. By reviewing and analyzing some disadvantages in issuing policies and documents in the recent period, author gave some suggestions as well as solutions to improving the ability of making public policies and law in Vietnam. Its purpose is to improve the sustainable growth.
Author: MA. Nguyen Van Chien and MA. Tran Van Duy

Education - Culture Collaboration and Exchange between Vietnam and Japan in New Circumstances (17/12/2013)

In 2008, the Vietnam - Japan relationship has improved and considered as a strategic relationship for a peaceful and prosperous Asia. Improving the collaboration and exchange in education and culture as well as increasing the mutual understanding between Vietnamese and Japanese are the solid foundation. The article analyses collaboration mechanism as well as achievements. It also recommends some mechanism and new solutions on following fields: cultural and educational exchange, human resource training, public communication for increasing mutual understanding.
Author: MA. Ngo Huong Lan

Socialism and Socialism in Vietnam in the Renewal Progress (17/12/2013)

Prof. Dr. Hoang Chi Bao has focused on theoretical and historical fields of socialism, especially the operations and growth of real socialism (from Russian October Revolution to political changes in Soviet in the late twentieth century), and the renewal progress of country in his 30 years of doing scientific researches. A part of research result is described through three volumes of the book, including: “The values of sustainability and the energy of Marxism - Leninism” (391 pages), “Real Socialism and the transition to socialism in Vietnam” (345 pages) and “Practice in reformation and new theoretical awareness of socialism in Vietnam (1986-2011)” (362 pages). Each volume is an independent research work but focuses on the theoretical awareness of socialism and the pathway to transit to socialism in Vietnam. They also discuss about two big questions of a general issue: What is socialism? And how to build the socialism? The article is the main concepts of the book.
Author: Prof. Dr. Hoang Chi Bao; Van Ha intro.