Experiences for Solutions to the Relationship between the Economic and Political Reformations in Transition Countries and Its Meaning to Vietnam (19/12/2014)

Through previous failures of handling the relationship between economic and policitcal reformation in Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, transition countries including Russia, post - Soviet - states, Mid and Eastern Europe have learned succesful experiences for solutions to this relationship. It is to choose which plans, starting points and benefits are priorities in the reformation. Also it is necessary to take into account the following issues: reformation method, the correlation between economic and political reforms, how to link economic reformations with democractization and mechanism with law renewals so on. The practical evidences of transition countries may be the meaningful references for Vietnam to handle their relationship between economic and political renewals today.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Le Minh Quan, Associate Prof. Dr. Vu Thanh Son

Recognition of Relaxed - Type Authors in Vietnam’s Medieval Literature (19/12/2014)

In Vietnam’s medieval literature, the type of relaxed authors includes those who had their works inspired from the relaxing feelings, and had been formed since the eand of the 13th century until the 19th century. The authors are normally monks, generals, kings and Confucian scholars. There were different choices for their lives through difference circumstanes but they all enjoyed an interesting mutual point which were relaxation. The article is about two main groups which are relaxed monks and relaxed Confucian scholars.
Author: Dr. Le Van Tan

Milestones of Vietnam’s Modern Short Novels (19/12/2014)

Since the last three decades of the 20th century, there has been a big changes for Vietnam’s novels. This renewal progress is reflected through both the depth and expanding scale such as novel categories, how they are accessed to the public with a large amount of writers, numbers of works as well as their creativity. By the time, the authors of novel has increased and produced various works in which some of them have caught the attention for their writing styles. In this article, the author has described Vietnamese novels through 3 periods as 1975 to 1985; 1986 to 2000; and the early years of the 21st century. The border between time points is not absolute but it showed the changes with historical marks as well as the movings of novel through each milestones.
Author: Dr. Le Huong Thuy