Aspiration for Development (21/11/2015)

Hochiminh city today and the former Pearl of Orient, Hanoi today and Hanoi 20-30 years ago, Danang - the most worth-living city today and Danang in the old days, those are rather significant changes. In the beginning of 2015, Hochiminh city announced that its GDP per capita has reached 5,000 USD; Hanoi inaugurated the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Southeast Asian region. In late 2014, new weapons received for national defense were the third Kilo-class submarine named HQ-184 Haiphong and the SU-30MK2 fighter jet. Such events have significant impact on the development. However, besides such positive changes, the country is facing many serious, intractable problems. Looking at the reality of development, especially in recent years, it can be seen that there are many conflicting phenomena which we must accept even though we do not want to. The development should have been more commensurate with the potential. That’s right. But the aspiration for development is always bigger, more ideal than the reality. The content of the article clarifies Vietnam’s thirst to “dragonize” with the necessary and sufficient conditions; the contradictions in the development process in order to realize this aspiration.
Author: Prof. Dr. Ho Si Quy

International Standards for Scientific Journals and the Application in Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (21/11/2015)

Scientific journals are places to publish, post and disseminate research results, new knowledge of scientists. In Vietnam, improving the quality and credibility of a scientific journal is always the objective of development strategy of many journals, including scientific journals of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS). The article analyzes the international standards for scientific journals; broadly assesses the status of scientific journals of VASS. On that basis, it proposes some solutions to develop scientific journals of VASS to reach international standards.
Author: Dr. Ngo Van Vu

Social Cohesion of Vietnamese Workers: Overview of Researches on Social Cohesion (21/11/2015)

Social cohesion, in general definition, is the concept of cohesion or integration, talking about the combination and adaptation of elements of a system, allowing those elements to form a balanced whole. There are many works, papers etc., mentioning certain aspects related to social cohesion. Social cohesion of works in industrial zones is a new research topic. On the basis of Peter Blau’s theory of “Social structure”, Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of “Mental structure and network of relations between objective positions”, the author has approached research results from the works, papers etc., on the level of individual, group and institution cohesion from 1996 to 2014, initially classifying researches in Vietnam under a certain scientific approach for a certain social relation.
Author: MSc. Le Thi Hong Nhung