The Situation of Researching Vietnamese Value System (25/11/2016)

From the understanding of the terms “value system” and “Vietnamese value system”, this article focuses on the review, appraisal of the key studies on Vietnamese value system of the Western as well as Vietnamese scholars from the French colonialism now. Basing on that, the author proposes some ideas in identifying the current Vietnamese value system.
Author: MA. Nguyen Thi Hoan

Ung Hoe Nguyen Van To - the Scholar (25/11/2016)

Nguyen Van To was a famous patriotic personality prior to the August Revolution. He worked in École française d’Extrême-Orient, EFEO - a French agency established in Indochina from 1898, as an EFEO journal manager. He was a journalist with many articles in French and Vietnamese related to many social and humanity sciences in then newspapers and journals. He also participated in society aiming at heightening the intellectual standards of the people, notably the Association for the Dissemination of Vietnamese National Language that he was one of the founder and chairman. This article mainly mentions the family condition and social activities of Ung Hoe Nguyen Van To before 1945 and valuable materials that he has offered the Social Sciences Library.
Author: Ngo The Long

Review on the Modernization the Social Sciences Library in the Period of 2008-2015 (25/11/2016)

The Social Sciences Library - the spearhead in the field of social sciences in Vietnam, now belonging the management of Institute of Social Sciences Information has been under modernization since 1995. But only in the 2008-2015 period, the modernization of the Social Sciences Library was truly boosted. This article provides general review on the modernization of the Social Sciences Library focusing in 2008-2015 period, then proposes specific recommendations and solutions towards the development of the Library modernizing items and contents in the next phase. This is the very results derived from the study "Modernization process of the Social Sciences Library in the period of 2008-2015" by the staff of Institute of Social Sciences Information in 2015.
Author: MA. Nguyen Le Phuong Hoai

The Development of the Social and Humanity Sciences Thesaurus towards Library Management Standardization in Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (25/11/2016)

Keywords are the most important and popular access point among information access points for material searching provided for news users by libraries now. Along with the information technology application, some thesauruses was developed in the world from the very 1970s and become an essential tool for controlling vocabularies in keyword planning. In Vietnam, tools for controlling vocabularies are keywords or thesauruses developed by the main libraries and news agencies. This article generalizes some of the typical thesauruses in Vietnam; at the same time, points out the need and the importance of thesaurus development for social and humanity sciences only as a tool for controlling vocabularies, serving for document processing in Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.
Author: MA. Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga