About General Educational Motivation Models (30/12/2020)

Based on the concept of educational philosophy proposed by the author and motivation models of learning by Ho Ngoc Dai and Vu Cao Dam, the paper introduces a general motivation model of learning accorded with theories of cultural types. This model can also be acknowledged a multi-dimensional one as can be observed from various dimensions. It also could be verified by analyzing practical data typical for Western, Northeast and Southeast Asian educations. Thereby, not only the ability to interpret in the interdisciplinary approach of philosophy, culture and education, but its potentials and prospects shall also be proved.
Author: Tran Ngoc Them

The Role of Social Organizations in Public Governance: Theoretical Basis and Ways to Promote their Role (30/12/2020)

The terms “public governance” and “national governance” have recently been used in Vietnam. When it comes to public governance, the role of social organizations (or the third sector) could not be ignored. However, at present, there is a dearth of theoretical research as well as methods in promoting their part in the public governance. The article focuses on analyzing the theoretical basis of how social organizations function in the public governance, and indicates three paths in promoting the roles of the society and social organizations, namely, cooperation between the state and the society, social participation and social self-management.
Author: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Trong Binh

Research on Child Gender Socialization in the Family and Some Concern Issues in the Current Context (30/12/2020)

The family is a basic social institution, the first and lifelong socialization environment of man. There are many things that make up the identity, unique characteristics of each individual are formed from the learning process within the family and the gender identity of each individual is one of those. Individuals learn how to play gender roles from the educational process of adults in the family, from how to imitate existing gender stereotypes in the family. Through the process of gender socialization in the family from an early age, children learn how to be a man or a woman in the future. The article aims to review some of the findings of existing studies with the topic of child gender socialization in the family and discusses some issues that need further research in the current context.
Author: Nguyen Thi Phuong, Nguyen Huu Minh

International Experience in Information Management on Social Networks: References for Vietnam (30/12/2020)

In the strong development of social media, such developed countries as China, United States and European countries have implemented information management strategies on social media to prevent fake news or hostile information that cause negative impacts on users’ awareness and behaviours as well as national benefits. This practice provides the lessons for Vietnam to develop policies or apply them under the national context.
Author: Nguyen Quang Tuan, Nguyen Tuan Minh

An Overview of Regulations of Vietnamese Clans Currently Archived at the Institute of Sino-Nom Studies (30/12/2020)

With the aim of discovering regulations of Vietnamese clans currently archived at the Institute of Sino-Nom Studies, we have created a list of clan regulations that are scattered in other documents (mainly in genealogical records) to analyze and comment on the volume and titles of these. Textual analysis and knowledge of historical geography are applied to identify document dates and distribution characteristics respectively. From there, the paper makes conclusions about the volume, titles, geographical distribution and historical characteristics of these archives.
Author: Mai Thu Quynh

The Role of Folk Artists and Notables in Preserving and Promoting Typical Cultural Values of Ethnic Minorities in Ha Giang Province (30/12/2020)

In pursuit of the strategic policy “traditional culture as a motivation for tourism development and tourism improvement for the sake of culture preservation”, Ha Giang province has succeeded in applying tangible and intangible cultural values into the community-based tourism. The role of local folk artists and notables cannot be ignored in this result. The paper analyzes their role in preserving and promoting typical traditional cultural values, eliminating backward customs, strengthening local solidarity, maintaining political security and social order, as well as participating in local economic development. It thereby proposes suitable solutions to contribute to socio-economic development of Ha Giang province in the current context.
Author: Nguyen Thi Tam, Khong Thi Kim Anh

Major Issues Affecting Sustainable Development in the Southwestern Region (30/12/2020)

Natural advantages create a strength for the Southwestern region in developing seafood, rice and fruit. However, in recent years, climate change, sea level rise, water exploitation in upstream Mekong River and the production and living activities by the local residents have been destroying the regional sustainable development. The article identifies some issues related to water, land, finance, transport infrastructure and institutions threatening the regional sustainable development, which are caused by several interwined factors, both internal and external, natural and human. This is an important first step in contributing to policy-making towards sustainable development in a reasonable and feasible way.
Author: Nguyen Quang Thuan