60th Years of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (08/01/2014)

60 years ago, an organization which studied on social sciences and humanities was established and named as “Department of History, Geography and Literature Studies” on December 2nd 1953 in a historical place of Viet Bac zone - Tan Trao. The committee belonged to the Central Committee of Vietnam Labor’s Party and had only 14 staff under the leadership of Mr. Tran Huy Lieu (historian) in the beginning. This is none other than the predecessor of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences today. On the celebration of 60th anniversary, as the chairman of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang has given an overview of the history and development of the academy as well as the major achievements over the past 60 years through his article.
Author: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang

Political Orientation of the Vietnamese Culture Development in the Period of 2011-2020 through Communist Party’s Documents and Some Related Issues (08/01/2014)

The article focused on analyzing the concept of the culture development through various comparison and contrast between opinions on culture of Party and State. The concept is mentioned in both Platform on nation building in the transitional period toward socialism (Platform in 2011) and Vietnam Socio-Economic growth strategy from 2011 to 2020. It also raised some issues related to the political orientation of the culture growth in the renewal period.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Tho and MA. Truong Thi Thu Thuy

Training the Teaching Skills for Lectures of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty in Military Colleges under the Teaching Psychology Viewpoint (08/01/2014)

The teaching process of lectures, who work in the faculty of social sciences and humanities in military colleges, has big influence on the formation and development of officers’ personality. It therefore affects the strength of national security and military. In order to achieve the highest efficiency, lecturers are required to have a wide knowledge and appropriate teaching methods. Also, the teaching skills have to be at certain and qualified level. Activities of military are highly different from others so lecturers are also required to have a suitable teaching approach. The article somehow clarifies more about the teaching skills and recommendation of how to training these skills for lecturers under a teaching psychology viewpoint.
Author: MA. Nguyen Van Cong