Researches on Public Opinion in US - Some Suggestions for Vietnam (12/01/2015)

In the scope of this article, the author tried to introduce and analyze some researches on US public opinion in recent years through the collaboration and exchanges with University of George Washington about public opinion. That is also the foundation for some suggestions for Vietnam’s public opinions as the reference.
Author: Dr. Phan Tan

EFEO - Which Heritage Is Left for Us? (12/01/2015)

Established since the early of the 20th century in Vietnam, École Francaise d’Extrême-Orient - EFEO has had more than 100 years of experience and operation. French and Vietnamese scholars of EFEO are great examples of a true intellect who are willing to devote to science, independent spirit and the freedom of mind. The article focused on clarifying which heritage EFEO left for us? According to author, they are a huge property with diversified information and data about the history and culture of Vietnam and Eastern Studies. Also, EFEO gave us an advanced idea of study which is the rule and ability of being honest when doing sciences. It is the combination between macro and micro researches, as well as the summary of exploring and analyzing based on the international exchanges and new research methods. Some precious experiences should be referred from EFEO are the focus on the positivism spirit and the addition of empirical evidences together with the cross - field approaches.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thua Hy

Factors which have Impacts on Democracy and Democratization (12/01/2015)

Today, the completion of democracy is the task which many countries try to achieve so that they can apply it in social life as well as bring its contents to reality. Hence, democratization is the political trend which all countries cannot skip over even they are developing or developed nations. The pathway to implement the democratization is to find the possibilities and build the characteristics of democracy. It is the interaction between human and mechanism in order to achieve the values and mutual benefits for community. It is also the interaction between political human while mechanism is the motivation to change political power and political system in all times. The article focuses on the basic factors which have impacts on the progress of democratization including economics, culture, history and society, and the globalization.
Author: Le Thi Thu Mai