An Introduction of the Valuable and Rare Antique Maps of Vietnam in the XV Century (30/12/2015)

A collection of 24 maps in "The Study of Vietnam’s portolan in the XV century" written in French language, by French scholar G. Dumoutier, was finished in August, 1895. The full version of this study published in the "Bulletin of Historical and Descriptive Geography" No 2/1896. The author G. Dumoutier was awarded the "Jomard Prize" by Geographical Society in 1897. This is a valuable and rare collection of maps. The collection of maps is kept in the Social Sciences Library, Institute of Social Sciences Information, Hanoi.
Author: Nguyen Van Truong

Evaluating and Employing Cadres in Vietnam in Current Conditions of Integration (30/12/2015)

Evaluating and employing cadres is one the most important in staffing of all levels, industries, and spheres in Vietnam in the past and in the present. However, the contents of evaluating and employing cadres are different in each stages of revolution. The evaluating and employing cadres in Vietnam today cannot remain unchanged with old contents and forms while the staffing is impacted by many factors, among which, there is an influence from international integration. The article analyzes in-depth current status of evaluating and employing cadres in the context of wider and deeper international integration and renovation in Vietnam now, then, proposes a certain surmounting solutions.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Pham Cong Nhat

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender in Vietnam and the Issue of Legal System Innovation (30/12/2015)

An introduction of the book written by Truong Hong Quang, titled “The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender in Vietnam and the issue of legal system innovation”, published by the National Political Publishing House in 2014 in Hanoi. The book provides an overview about the community of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender in general, these subjects in Vietnam in particular, and their demands; in-depth legal discussions on the issues are also triggered in the time to come.
Author: Truong Hong Quang; Hoai Phuc intro.