Social Thinking: The Theoretical and Practical Issues (10/12/2016)

This article is a short presentation of the social thinking based on literature review of the key opinions from sociological aspects. Social thinking is the thinking of the whole society towards the settlement of emerging issue within that society. Some examples are mentioned in this article to clarify the manifestations and the function of the social thinking that suggests the next trends for studying of different forms of social thinking, functions and non/anti-function of social thinking in modern society, especially in Vietnam - on going the renovation and creation towards inclusive and sustainable growth.
Author: Prof. Dr. Le Ngoc Hung

Investigating the Neo-Marxism and Contemporary Western Democratic Society (10/12/2016)

The Neo-Marxism inherits the reasonable factors of the traditional Marxism, at the same time, finds a way of adjusting, extending, connecting with the contemporary economic and political system. The Neo-Marxism isn’t the origin, but it supplements the theoretical foundation for democratic society movements with two tendencies: Democratic socialism and Social Democracy - two key political standpoints of the member parties in current Socialist lnternational. The article analyzes the origin and the key theoretical points of the Neo-Marxism together with specific features of the political parties and international organizations of social democracies, contributing to the further understanding of the socialism movement in the world today.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tan Hung

The Suburban Farmers’ Understanding of Health Care Policy (10/12/2016)

Based on the factual survey, this article investigates and analyzes the awareness and knoledgement of the suburban farmers nowadays in terms of: the understanding of types of social insurances, knowledgement of health insurance, knowledge level of issues relating to the health care policies, people's information receiving channel of social security and health insurance today. The analysis bases on the surveyed evidences from the plot correlations such as: gender, age, education, profession, family size, marriage status and living standard. From the sociological analysis, it can be found that the current people’s knowledgement of social insurances in general, of health insurance in particullar is very constrained. A significant portion of population doesn’t have any knowlegement or have a unilateral, or even wrong understanding of social insurance and health insurance. Most of the population has a dimly hearing about or partial understanding of the law, policies, guidelines in this field. One of the main reasons for this fact is the unattainable and limited propaganda and communication of social insurance, health insurance.
Author: Dr. Truong Xuan Truong