Vietnam’s Set of Sustainable Development Indicators (SDGi) (26/02/2020)

Sustainable development has emerged as a global concern. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals using statistical indicators helps identify the achievements, limitations and shortcomings as well as unfinished tasks. The paper reviews Vietnam’s set of statistical indicators for sustainable development, comparing this with other available systems including data collecting methods and sources, and thus, making suggestions regarding the construction of Vietnam’s sustainable development statistical indicators database.
Author: Nguyen Dinh Khuyen, Vu Hung Cuong, Dao Ngoc Minh Nhung, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong

Philosophical Approach in Cultural Studies (26/02/2020)

Cultural studies have developed to an extent that allows the involvement of various trends and approaches. Philosophy of culture comprehends culture as a selfdeveloping, self-transforming and self-evolving entity, and to that end, systematic critique is often employed which contributes to a new philosophical approach in cultural studies. Systematic approach demands a perspective from which cultural phenomena appear as elements/constituents subservient to a larger structure. Thus, it’s necessary to understand a phenomenon in a greater context rather than as segments defined by specific administrative or geographical borders. Major authors of this trend include Arnold Toynbee, Ernst Cassirer and V. M. Rodin.
Author: Pham Thai Viet

Vietnamese Women’s Rights to Participate in Legislation (26/02/2020)

The paper analyzes the concept of “women’s right to participate in the legislative process” in terms of gender equality and human rights, based on which identify the current situation in Vietnam. It concurrently reveals a number of shortcomings that await solutions in the process of exercising women’s rights to participate in the legislation in Vietnam.
Author: Phan Thanh Ha

Ethnic Relations of Residents in Vietnam - Laos Border Areas (26/02/2020)

Ethnic relations have been a long-standing topic which gather quite a number of researches providing both direct or indirect reference in certain research contexts. Formed throughout the historical process of Vietnam, ethnic relations in the Vietnam - Laos border area have manifested in many aspects of history, ethnic origin, marriage, economic, cultural and social relations. The study of ethnic relations in border and transboundary areas has practical significance in providing the Party and the State with a more in-depth and comprehensive view of the issue, contributing to appropriate policies that better conform to the new context in a bid to achieve socio-economic development goals, national stability and security.
Author: Le Hai Dang

Livelihood Differences between Kinh and Ca-dong Peoples and Some Issues (A Case Study in Village 7, Tra Tan Commune, Bac Tra My District, Quang Nam Province) (26/02/2020)

The presence and alternation of the Kinh people plays a positive factor in promoting the livelihood diversity of the Ca-dong people in Village 7, Tra Tan commune, Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam province. However, due to differences in social and cultural characteristics, there exist some differences in the livelihood between the two population groups, which reflects the stagnant economy and lower living standard of Ca-dong people compared to Kinh residents. The reality, causes and consequences of the above-mentioned livelihood differences imply hands-on policies in agricultural and forestry extension, cultivation of market economy ideas and high-quality human resources, as well as the spread of new production techniques by the Kinh people.
Author: Le Thi Thoa

Cultural Geography in the World and Orientations for Vietnam (26/02/2020)

Cultural geography has been receiving great interest from academia worldwide as shown by a variety of schools, models and theories as well as research subjects and topics. In Vietnam nevertheless, the importance of cultural geography has not been thoroughly and comprehensively recognized, which has resulted in a lot of not-yet-uncovered research gaps. The paper provides an overview of cultural geography by reviewing international literature and current situation in Vietnam, thereby offering some research suggestions.
Author: Dinh Trong Thu, Le Hong Ngoc

Vietnam’s Monography from a Comparison Perspective with Encyclopedia (26/02/2020)

Monography, a genre of books which summarizes encyclopedic knowledge and comprehension of a single subject, affirms its presence in the Vietnamese history with quite a number of great works. Each work not only presents its compiler’s mind and talents but is also inclusive of common knowledge in those times. These values enable monographs to suggest a reference point and a lesson for the compilation of encyclopedias. The paper refers to the reference point between monography and encyclopedia in terms of nature, type, characteristics and compilation principles.
Author: Nguyen Huy Binh