Developing China’s Coastal Economic Zones and Policy Implications for Vietnam (24/02/2022)

Over four decades of Chinese reform and opening-up, coastal economic zones have played an irreplaceable role in promoting the economy’s structural transformation, in which activating its potential comparative advantages into competitive ones despite the poor condition of the infrastructure and business environment. The paper presents China’s institutional and governance forms and models, typical preferential policies, and the performance of coastal economic zones, thereby drawing policy implications for Vietnam.
Author: Le Van Hung, Dong Bich Ngoc

Domestic Experience in Developing Industrial Zones Towards Efficiency, Sustainability and Lessons for Hanoi City (24/02/2022)

Industrial zones are crucial to socio-economic development. Studying the case of Hanoi City, while making valuable socio-economic contributions, industrial zones pose challenges to sustainable development. The article examines several industrial zones in Vietnam in terms of efficiency and sustainability, including economic sustainability, approaching to the circular economic model to sustain the environment, as well as housing development for workers to ensure social sustainability. Thereby, it draws some policy implications for Hanoi City.
Author: Nguyen Dinh Hoa

Trends Towards the Mass in Vietnamese Poetry in the Period 1945-1985 (24/02/2022)

Geared towards the mass is interpreted as the law of expanding the space of survival and literary development to adapt to the new requirements of modern times. The article clarifies the motto of building a new literary style in the period 1945-1985 and the trends towards the mass in poems during the resistance wars against France and America.
Author: Nguyen Dang Diep

Poems and Proses by Do Huy Nhiem: Readers’ Perceptions and Evaluations (24/02/2022)

Do Huy Nhiem (1915-?) emerged early in romantic literature in the 1930-1945 period who made a significant contribution to two common forms of poetry and prose which were highly appreciated by the press at that time. However, his life and works have been little known. The paper introduces some features of his works as well as readers’ perceptions and evaluations. Do Huy Nhiem’s poems are simple and smooth but rich in sentiments; while his fantastic short stories are attractive by their supernatural and mystical elements.
Author: Nguyen Manh Hoang

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Employment of Migrant Workers in Industrial Zones (24/02/2022)

Vietnam’s economy has been deeply and comprehensively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The fourth wave of Coronavirus disease from April 27, 2021 directly hit industrial parks and export processing zones, which was characterized by unpredictable developments, rapid spread, heavy impact on jobs and income of workers and migrant employees. The paper analyzes data from April to September 2021 in industrial zones based on employment reports by the General Statistics Office and available studies on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the migrant employees’ jobs, specifically focusing on: (1) the number of jobs and the number of jobs lost; (2) quality of work expressed in terms of the time off work, salary and income; (3) job security, especially for vulnerable groups therein. It thereby contributes to clarifying the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the job security of workers and migrant employees in industrial zones in Vietnam today.
Author: Dang Thi Hoa, Bui Thi Huong Tram

The Impact of the Internet and Social Networks on Young People’s Employment: An Overview (24/02/2022)

More than 50 years of presence in the world (since 1969) and more than 20 years in Vietnam (since 1997), the Internet has rapidly developed and greatly affected the society. In particular, social networks are considered one of its most influential applications, especially among young people. Based on a literature review, the article analyzes several secondary sources to provide an overview of the positive and negative impacts of the internet and social networks on young people’s employment.
Author: Pham Ngoc Tan, To Thi Hong

Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment for Economic Development in Thanh Hoa Province (24/02/2022)

Thanh Hoa is one of the few provinces in Vietnam that has limited investment capital for development despite its rich and diverse mineral resources, and an abundant labor force. In recent years, investment climate improvements have attracted a significant amount of foreign direct investment. The province’s structural transformation is towards actively promoting the economic growth, export turnover and increasing the local budget revenue. Based on descriptive statistics and secondary sources, the article clarifies the role of foreign direct investment in the socio-economic development of Thanh Hoa province.
Author: Nguyen Thi Tho