The Trend of Global De-dollarization Today (31/03/2023)

De-dollarization launched by Russia as a result of sanctions imposed by the United States and Western countries for its initiative of “the special military operation” in Ukraine, is being advocated by countries with shared interests in this movement. The paper summarizes the situation and process of the de-dollarization worldwide while picking up some countries and bilateral relations as a typical case study. It also provides comments and assessments on its influence and some initial recommendations for Vietnam.
Author: Vu Hung Cuong

The Early Stages to Form the Philosophical Worldview of K. Marx (31/03/2023)

The article analyzes the formation process of K. Marx’s philosophical worldview (1818-1883) from the time of his Doctoral Dissertation, through his working time at the Rhenish Newspaper, to the work “Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Law” (1843). Marx’s new philosophical worldview evolved from idealism to revolutionary democratic thought (when he worked at the Rhenish Newspaper), which led to the beginning of dialectical materialism, historical materialism and scientific communism (explained in his work “Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Law”). This short period yet was crucial, leading K. Marx to a new philosophical worldview.
Author: Nguyen Gia Tho

Child Marriage in Ethnic Minorities Today (31/03/2023)

The paper explores child marriage and marital experiences of ethnic minority women and girls in three densely populated areas of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. The results show that the average age of first marriage for both ethnic minority men and women in three surveyed areas is significantly lower than the legal age for marriage. Additionally, the analysis points out a close relationship between their education level, age group, ethnicity and the average age of first marriage, which reaffirms the role of education as the primary protective factor in reducing the risk of child marriage for girls. Early marriage in adolescence has led to several long-term and severe consequences such as economic hardship, domestic violence, health and psychological problems, or dropping out of school, especially common among young girls. Being the weaker side in the decision-making process and having less property ownership could impede their opportunities and dreams.
Author: Truong Thi Thu Thuy, Ha Thi Minh Khuong

Ho Chi Minh’s Vision on Promoting the Role of the Press and Its Application in Protecting the Ideological Foundation of Communist Party of Vietnam Today (31/03/2023)

President Ho Chi Minh, thanks to his keen perception, soon realized the power of the press and used it to denounce the crimes of imperialism and to convey Marxism-Leninism theory into the revolutionary movements of the world as well as Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh’s vision on the press confirmed and proved his sharp thinking and great dedication formed from the early days of the revolution, which retains its validity to serve as the basis for the Communist Party of Vietnam to protect the ideological foundation of the Party, Marxism-Leninism principles, and Ho Chi Minh’s thought today.
Author: Nguyen Huy Dai

Some Key Strategies and Policies of Japan's Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (31/03/2023)

Shinzo Abe (1954-2022), Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, established a period of stability for his country from 2012 to 2020. In his nine years at the helm, Japan’s position, role and influence have been enhanced in the international arena. The paper presents some of his key strategies and policies, which significantly hit Japan, the region and the world.
Author: Ngo Thi Mai Dien

The Rites of Passage for the Dead to the Afterlife in the Funeral of the Tay People in Dak Lak Province (31/03/2023)

In the context of cultural interference and integration among ethnic groups in the new land, the Tay people in Dak Lak province retain a deeply-rooted ethnic cultural tradition. Ancestor worship ranks high in their spiritual life; therefore, the passage of the dead from the physical world to the afterlife one of their ancestors is an essential part in the funeral rites. The long-standing ethnic cultural values in the funeral rites of Tay people are crucial norms of their spiritual culture which reflect their moral values and views of human and life. The article explores the rites of passage of Tay people in Dak Lak province, thereby clarifying their worldview and concept of afterlife.
Author: Lai Thi Van

Human Alienation in the Age of Big Data (31/03/2023)

The article clarifies human alienation in the Age of Big Data, indicating its new manifestations which include the sense of feeling worthless and meaningless, becoming biological and emotionless entities, or those who lost their freedom. Against this background, it suggests some solutions to eliminate alienation in the Age of Big Data, namely, investing in education and human mind research, preventing human genetic modification, and seeking for a more superior social model in which social ownership of data is established.
Author: Nguyen Van Hanh