Soul of Culture for Sustainability (02/07/2013)

Through Vietnam’s development in the past twenty years, the author has reviewed the insufficient awareness of philosophy’s role, especially dialectic philosophy in Vietnam. Without the instructions of philosophy, the country will not be able to reach the sustainability in development of economy, culture, human, and society as well as environment in a market, knowledge based economy and globalization. Ignoring the philosophy as well as the dialectic philosophy will bring back nothing good, because they are the core factor and the soul of culture.
Author: Prof.Dr. Nguyen Trong Chuan

Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam in the Era of Integration (continued) (02/07/2013)

Currently, the face of the social sciences and humanities in Vietnam is rated sadly by a majority of scholars, including many devoted persons to this area, because it’s weak in policy advice, social evaluation and social debate, and because it is inadequate to meet the country's development needs and development needs of science itself. In relation to regional and world social sciences and humanities, Vietnam’s is incomplete, outdated, and even, odd. But that's just the social sciences and humanities in Vietnam, looking from one side. There is other side of Vietnam’s social sciences and humanities. As a social science and humanities Vietnam viewed from the other. Not because of weakness compared to outside world, but it can not affect positively to Vietnam’s society in the past 20 years. In fact, from the early days of renewal, by its special way, social sciences and humanities of Vietnam have affected the most necessary place of social life, paving the way for a new shaping method of development - from a subjective, dogmatic and less effective development method, the country has moved to a new method of dynamic development, actively and effectively ... Although there is many things did not grow as expected. Seen from this point, we can say, social sciences and humanities of Vietnam are not accredited but well deserve for changing a society to a historical development turning-points. That is the main content of this article. The article includes the subsection: Introduction; "Characteristics" or different from all other; Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam in integration period: a recognition and evaluation; Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam in integration period: different viewpoint and evaluation; Conclusion.
Author: Prof.Dr. Ho Si Quy

Improvement of Democracy Implements in order to Ensure Human Rights in Vietnam (02/07/2013)

The article systematically summarized the fundamental characteristics of democracy and how they are expressed through human rights in international laws on human rights. Thereafter, important points about democracy were also reviewed in Communist Party and State’s documents; results and evaluation of implementing democracy through reports of some organizations and provinces. Hence, finding out the relationship and necessary of improving democracy implements to ensure human rights.
Author: MA. Nguyen Hong Hai and MA. Hoang Mai Huong