Discussion on the Motivation of Sustainble Growth in Vietnam Today (15/03/2014)

The author has clarified the motivation of development and destruction as well as the criteria of new growth model and the sustainable growth through the analysis of all related concepts and reality. Also, he raised the issue of considering people as the center and improving the high quality resources. It is an important breakthrough of the new growth model. This requirement should connect with the renewals of mechanism in the progress of changing to the sustainable growth model… Author has suggested his opinions, requirements and solution to improve the motivation of sustainable growth and to overcome the resistance, negative forces and the destruction from profit groups.
Author: Dr. Ho Ba Tham

Social Sciences Books’ Publishing in the International Integration (Social Sciences Publishing House Case Study) (15/03/2014)

Social Sciences Publishing House is a governmental unit under the management of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS). The Publishing house has obtained significant achievements and contributed to the VASS’s completeness for their political duties over the period. The ability of publishing, especially social sciences books, however, is limited and does not meet the increasing demand of readers… The article is a good research work on the publishing ability of Social Sciences Publishing House in the past as well as pointed out achievements and limitations. Also, it is the recommendation of how to improve the ability of publishing in Social Sciences Publishing House until 2020.
Author: Nguyen Xuan Dung

About Confucianism Education in Vietnam from the 1st to 19th Century (15/03/2014)

Confucianism has significant influence on many Eastern countries including Vietnam through its over 2000 years of history. In Vietnam, Confucianism and its education concept has existed and developed for 20 centuries, therefore, its presence and historical role are unable to separate with the formation and development of Vietnamese feudal mechanism. The impacts of Confucianism become weaker as a result of the Vietnamese feudal mechanism’s destruction. The Confucianism has its own limitation; however, its positive side has basically impacts on Vietnamese education in the new period. The article has summarized the background of Confucianism in Vietnam from the 1st to 19th century, then pointed out the influences and purpose of the Confucianism education through periods.
Author: MA. Le Trung Khoa