World Geo-Politics 2014 (20/03/2015)

2014 is the moment of significant changes in world geo-politics picture since the past three months. This article focused on analyzing major events which form the lively picture of today politics. Therefore, we are able to conclude close relations between events in global time, lessons on theoretical perception and the principle of movement and development in international political life as well as the way of Vietnam’s reaction in this complicated situation.
Author: Dr. Luong Van Ke

The Influence of Buddhism in Contemporary Vietnamese Society (Case Study in Hanoi) (20/03/2015)

In Vietnam, Buddhism is a religion with strong influence to different groups of people in society. From social sciences, this article analyzed the attraction of Buddhism for people who live in urban area by carrying out surveys in several pagodas in Hanoi. Thereby, the author clarified the scope of influence of Buddhism to individual life, social effects of the Buddhist ceremonial activities; to analyze the role of Buddhism for the current Buddhist community in Hanoi.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Hoang Thu Huong

Moral Thoughts of Vietnamese Leading Confucians in the Early of 20th Century (20/03/2015)

Vietnamese Confucians in the early of 20th century are those who are free from or pass examinations but they escaped from the feudal bureaucratic system to preserve the position and role of Confucian in society. They conducted the movement in every aspect of Vietnamese social life and declared that would be necessary beginning steps for having a rich, powerful and independent Vietnam. The common and agreed viewpoint of Confucians in the early of 20th century concluded that one of the reason for loosing country and home is to lose morality. Therefore, to adjust common rules and increase morality are essential tasks to liberate our nation. In this article, the author introduces and analyzes idea and viewpoint of several Duy Tan Vietnam Confucians in the early 20th century, they are: - To renew moral aspects in life. - To renew moral thoughts of some people in society.
Author: Dr. Tran Thi Hanh