Fundamental Research Concepts and Viewpoints (22/02/2016)

This article analyzes connotations of the fundamental research concepts at 3 levels from primary, basic, and secondary, what points out the inextricable problem in form of dialogic notions. Simultaneously, the article also clearifies a certain viewpoints on fundamental research such as simplified and/or complicated, Marxist and/or Non-Marxist, positive and/or anti-positive, modern and/or postmodern; indicates the state of dilemma among viewpoints on fundamental research. These two states can be comprehended and resolved based on some main frames of theory founded from comtemporary philosophy and science as the Paradigm of Complexity by Edgar Morin and Disrespect/Respect frame by To Duy Hop and associates.
Author: Prof. Dr. To Duy Hop

Contribution to Anthropology Study in Current International Integration (continued) (22/02/2016)

Anthropology study is still a new major in Vietnam. Its title, object and scope of study is perceived in many different ways. To date, the studying and teaching circle of anthropology in Vietnam is focusing on its history, current situation and perspective. As a contribution to discussing this topic, the article mentions 3 main issues: - Generalization of current situation of anthropology studying and teaching in Vietnam. - Reconceptualization of anthropology and its specific characteristics. - Anthropology complexity theory: An important contribution of Edgar Morin to the development of the contemporary anthropology.
Author: Associate Prof. Pham Khiem Ich

Hermeneutics and Mistakes Found in the Text Interpretations of the Classical Philosophies (22/02/2016)

The classics of philosophy were published a fairly long time ago in a certain historical conditions. Thus, they were often incorrectly interpreted and applied that causes considerable bad consequences. Then, how to properly comprehend the original meaning and the main idea of the classics? Hermeneutics has been studying on the answer to this question. This article shortly reviews the origin and the development of hermeneutics, then utilizes some of its methods and principles to find and correct a certain mistakes and unfaithful versions occurred in the past text interpretations of the classical philosophies.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tan Hung