Building the Communist Party of Vietnam in Terms of Politics and Ideology in Current Circumstances (24/03/2020)

The paper focuses on clarifying the content of building the Communist Party of Vietnam in terms of politics and ideology in three major issues: 1- Building and implementing revolutionary orientation; 2- Researching and summarizing practice, creatively applying theories; 3- Innovating contents and methods to improve the quality and effectiveness of ideological guidance.
Author: Ta Ngoc Tan

Scientific Properties of Philosophy - A Form of Social Consciousness (24/03/2020)

Since the middle of the 20th century, it has been debated whether or not philosophy is a science. Prior to that, the issue had hardly been raised. Since throughout history, philosophy has always been acknowledged as a form of social consciousness which has also proven itself irreplaceable value. The fact that philosophy was hardly regarded as a peer-to-peer science with the others does not mean it lacks scientific interpretation of the world. All philosophical fields attempt to apply scientific achievements to generalize their theories into an ideal model to explain all phenomena of the world and guide behaviors. The scientific content of a philosophical doctrine, aside from its application of various scientific achievements, is also evidenced by the power of the worldview and methodology it creates to interpret the world and guide human activities.
Author: Ho Si Quy

Vietnam’s Economy in 2019: Current Situation, Risks and Prospects for 2020 (24/03/2020)

In 2019, Vietnam’s economy achieved many positive results. However, in 2020, Vietnam’s economy will have to face several both internal and external challenges. In addition, the outbreak of Covid-19 is causing negative effects on the world and Vietnam’s economy. In order to achieve the socio-economic development targets for 2020, the Government, in parallel with resolving internal economic issues, needs to implement synchronous solutions to strengthen the macro economy, enhance the economy’s resistance and resilience to unpredictable external shocks.
Author: Pham Sy An

Enterprise Development in Can Tho City in the Period of 2011-2018 and Its Position for Enterprise Development in the Southwest Region (24/03/2020)

The recent development of enterprises in Can Tho city, the center of southwestern region of Vietnam, has been moderately impressive which has gradually affirmed the role of the region as a driving force of the development. Based on the 2011-2018 enterprise survey data, the research team points out the current situation and development issues of enterprises in Can Tho city, which need to be addressed to strengthen and promote the role of Can Tho city as a driving force of economic growth in the region.
Author: Dang Thai Binh, Vu Hung Cuong, Phi Vinh Tuong, Tran Van Hoang

Career Orientation for High School Students Today (24/03/2020)

The paper provides analysis which contributes to clarifying the current situation of career orientation for high school students in recent years. It focuses on the following questions: How do students plan to choose a future career? Are they willing and confident when choosing a career? Are they truly knowledgeable about their chosen profession? What do they care about when making a choice?
Author: Truong Thuy Hang

Human Rights-based Approach in Process of Legislative Policy-making (24/03/2020)

In the last two decades, human rights-based approach in the process of legislative policy-making has become a global trend. This method not only focuses on the output but also the implementation process. It thus ensures the rights of those directly affected by the laws that are being developed and requires implementation obligations from the State. In Vietnam, the human rights-based approach in law development has begun to arouse interest in recent years. Yet, unclear implementation and inadequacies remain which require a lot of changes in the coming time.
Author: Nguyen Linh Giang

South Korea’s Strategy on Trade Cooperation and Development with ASEAN in the 21st Century (24/03/2020)

The article discusses the policy and results of ROK on trade cooperation with ASEAN since the two sides became comprehensive cooperation partners in 2004 until the “New Southern Policy” of President Moon Jae-in was announced in 2017. On the basis of explaining the successes achieved in the effort to increase turnover and trade surplus from ROK, the paper spotlights the country’s limitations in the process of promoting trade with ASEAN in the context of cooperation and competition of East Asia and the global economy.
Author: Pham Thi Anh Thu