Access to Enterprises’ Land Use Rights in Vietnam Today (20/04/2021)

The paper analyzes the current implementation of the land law from the perspective of ensuring enterprises’ access to land use rights in Vietnam today. On that basis, some recommendations are brought forward to improve the land law that entitles enterprises to obtain land use rights.
Author: Pham Huu Nghi

State Management Policies for the Current Shared Accommodation in Vietnam (20/04/2021)

In recent years, an emering business model of shared accommodation has grown rapidly in the world including Vietnam. Its growth has raised a series of practical issues that need to be studied and managed by the State. The current system of state management policies for accommodation business has revealed many limitations that fall behind the changes in the digital age. The paper aims to analyze the state management policies on shared accommodation business model in Vietnam today. On a general basis, it clarifies requirements on state management, content and orientations in building state management policies for this business model, thereby evaluates the current situation and makes recommendations for Vietnam in the current period.
Author: Tran Huy Duc, Tran Thi Hong Nhung

On the Implementation of Ethnic Policies in Vietnam after Reform: Achievements and Limitations (20/04/2021)

Vietnam’s ethnic policies in the post-Doi Moi (1986) period have in part changed the picture of mountainous rural areas and ethnic minorities. As the rate of poor households has been markedly reduced, residents’ level of knowledge has also been improved. The preservation and promotion of traditional culture of ethnic minorities has been made more attention while political stability, national defense and security are maintained. However, due to both objective and subjective reasons, there have been several difficulties and limitations in implementing ethnic minority policies in mountainous areas. As a result, the poverty rate remains high while the local cultural institutions have not met the practical requirements and some ethnic minorities face the threat of erosion of traditional culture.
Author: Nguyen Ngoc Thanh

Circular Economics: From Theory to Practice in Vietnam (20/04/2021)

In recent years, the world has observed a shift from a linear model of economic development to a circular one. However, the implementation varies by country for their own priorities. Vietnam, with no exception, has gradually developed a circular model and achieved initial results. The paper clarifies the theory of circular economics and the practice of circular model of economic development in Vietnam, thereby proposes some solutions to promote it in Vietnam today.
Author: Pham Ngoc Hoa, Nguyen Thi Nghia

Religious Communities Belonging to Ethnic Minorities in the Central Highlands towards Forest Protection (20/04/2021)

Environmental protection, every country’s vital issue, not only contributes to the people’s health and quality of life, but also helps ensure the national socio-economic development, political stability and security. In the Central Highlands, environmental protection, especially forest protection, amounts to protecting natural resources for the economic development and source of spiritual and cultural life therein. Based on literature review and field survey, the article overviews the current situation of forests in the Central Highlands, focusing on the forest protection practices by the local religious groups of ethnic minorities in terms of their customs, religious teachings and activities.
Author: Vu Thi Cham

PCI Index - A Reference for Investment in Phu Yen Province (20/04/2021)

The paper uses statistical and geometric methods to calculate, analyze and evaluate the indicators of the provincial competitiveness index (PCI index) as well as the investment activities in Phu Yen in the years 2018-2019. The result shows that the PCI index of Phu Yen province has increased by 8 ranks on the Vietnamese rankings, except for three lower level sub-indices, namely, equal competition, legal institutions and security, and the dynamics and pioneering spirit of the provincial leadership. The total investment in Phu Yen province in 2019 exceeded 28.7% compared to 2018.
Author: Doan Thi Nhiem, Nguyen Thi Kim Trong, Dang Le Tran Vu

Vietnam Towards “Rule-of-law State” or “Rule-of-law Society”? Some Analysis from the Rule of Law Theory (20/04/2021)

Tao Thi Quyen, Nguyen Thi Ha Enabling citizens’ engagement in state management is an important tool to achieve full citizenship and improve the performance of the state apparatus as well. The article provides an analysis of achievements and limitations in enabling citizens’ engagement in state management in Vietnam over the past time. On that basis, it also proposes some quality-driven solutions for this task in the coming time in an effort to promote the implementation of the Resolution of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Author: Nguyen Minh Tam, Vu Cong Giao