Social Progress: Some Issues in East Asia’s and South East Asia’s Development Models (02/07/2013)

The book has just been released in March of 2012 by Knowledge Publisher, written by Professor, Dr. Hå SÜ Quý, Director of The Institute of Social Sciences Information. The book contains 276 pages, dividing into 3 chapters as below: Chapter I. 'Growth, Development, Sustainable development and social progress: Fundamental views'; Chapter II. 'Developing model in East Asia and South East Asia'; and Chapter III. 'Developements and Improvements in Vietnam: Some experiences from East Asia and South East Asia'. The concept was evolved from a scientific research project at Ministry level under the chairmanship of author. The book discusses about the urgent issues of the theory of social progress as well as the conflict matters about developing models in East Asia and South East Asia. The work also gave many guidelines for the developement of Vietnam. The article is the main concepts of the ‘Introduction’ of the book.
Author: Introducted by Quoc Viet, from the book written by Prof.Dr. Ho Si Quy, published by Knowledge Publisher in 2012

Current Influences of Hoa Hao Buddhism on Its Unfollowers (An Giang case) (02/07/2013)

As a religious tradition, Hoà Hảo Buddhism has its significant influences on cultural and spiritual life of people who are not the followers of this religion yet. The article is about some main results of the researches and surveys in An Giang as the specific examples on below dimensions: - The awareness of unfollowers about Hoà Hảo Buddhism - The level of their attention toward Hoà Hảo Buddhism - The level of Hoà Hảo Buddhism’s influences on unfollowers - Specific dimensions of Hoà Hảo Buddhism affected to unfollowers.
Author: by Asst.Prof.Dr. Vo Van Thang and MA. Do Anh Thu

Japan Law on the Marine Environment Protection (Protecting and Preventing from Marine Oil Pollution) and Experiences for Vietnam (02/07/2013)

Marine environment protection is what all global public take care for this moment because of its high importance to the human life. Marine pollution is one of the worst disasters among environmental degradation. It is necessary for Vietnam to do researches on law of all nations in which Japan can be the best case to learn experiences, because Japan's maritime industry is one of the most advanced and developed throughout the world. The article is about the law of Japan on environment protection and the protection as well as the prevent from marine oil pollution; some reviews of Japan law on those issues and experiences for Vietnam.
Author: MA. Mai Hai Dang