Acculturation through Talks in the International Integration (29/04/2014)

The cultural diversity has become the foundation for the cultural changes through talks between different cultural communities. As its turn, the creative inheritance through these talks has shortened the gap between communities as well as differentiate them as a way to open the next talks. The article has summarized the knowledge and concepts of acculturation, then pointed out the directions of conservation the cultural diversity and improve these cultural diversity through talks.
Author: Prof. Dr. Pham Xuan Nam

Theory on “Center and Peryphery” in the Study of Cultural Space (29/04/2014)

The article is about the concept of “Spreading theories of Western European countries” (Germany, Austria) on “centers” while studying culture, the concept of “center and periphery” of American and Soviet anthropologists and the concerns on regional researches of Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese researchers. It is a development progress of anthropological theories from the concept of “Spreading cultural theories of Western European countries” in the end of the 19th century to the concept of “cultural center” in researching on cultural regions of American anthropology in the early of the 20th century. It has escaped from the one way extremeness and more focused on the morphological attributes of cultural phenomenum. Besides, Soviet anthropologists has reviewed the center and periphery issues of culture through aspects as the establishment practice and the developments of world civilization, for example, East Asia and South Asia. By applying above theories, the article has clarified the formation and changes of culture in specific cultural regions as East Asian culture case study; the comparison of culture between Vietnam and Korea case study; and culture of Thang Long - Hanoi case study.
Author: Prof. Dr. Ngo Duc Thinh

Rules of Using the Comprehensive National Power in the Competition of Geopolitics (29/04/2014)

There is a general rule of geopolitics. It is the fearness of each other once all forces have the power and competition, for all nations, especially powerful countries. The article is about power of countries in the international relationship and analyzed the rules of using national strength that each country should implement in order to serve for its highest benefits.
Author: Dr. Luong Van Ke