Social System Theory and Some Suggestions for Innovation of Political System in Vietnam (26/04/2017)

In the world, social system theory is a major subject, attracting interest of different disciplines. In Vietnam, the study to incessant innovation and perfection of political system is being a subject of interest of various disciplines and researchers, however almost none of the studies heightened and used the approach of study to political system as a minor social system in the whole social system. That means using social system theory to approach to political system of Vietnam. As a minor social system, the political system of Vietnam has a greatest insufficience that its components weren’t seen specifically in relation with each other yet; the correlation and interaction between systems also weren’t concerned adequately. Thus, the study of political system from the view of social system theory may suggest and associate with innovation, construction and perfection of political system of Vietnam today. These are the contents of this article.
Author: Dr. Do Van Quan

The Quality of Social Sciences and Humanities - Approach from Social System Theory (26/04/2017)

During the past thirty years, since Vietnam effectuated the innovation, the scientific researchers have made many achievements and progresses, however, in the face of socio-economic development demands in today international integration process, the scientific potential of Vietnam in general and that of social sciences and humanities in particular proves to lag behind more and more further in comparison with many countries in the region and in the world. This is a problem in that many Vietnamese researchers are interested and seek the solution. From the approach of social system theory and methodology of social study in general, based on objective evaluation of Vietnam scientific achievements in comparison with other countries in the world, the author discussed on limitations that are impeding the quality enhancement of Vietnam social sciences and humanities today.
Author: Dr. Ha Viet Hung

The Problem of Morality in Scientific Study (26/04/2017)

Scientific study is circular cycle, beginning with the putting question, proposing the hypotheses and then effectuating the study and publishing the results. The results of study may lead to the new questions and hypotheses. The benefits of scientific activities are out of doubt, but these benefits reach the maximum when and only when there is a sound study environment - in which “study morality” has to be respected. “Study morality” has a specially important role in scientific studies. The concept of study morality is also very rich and diverse and was long before discussed by various disciplines in developed countries. Those countries which have advanced sciences like United States, United Kingdom, Australia,... have been interested in this problem since the early past century by promulgation of declarations, common agreements and rules of conduct on study morality. Based on synthesis of foreign literatures, the article want to clarify the problem of “morality” in scientific study through the aspects such as the concept, history, legality and contents of study morality.
Author: MA. Bui Hong Viet