Researching and Proposing of a List of Statistical Indicators for Sustainable Development for the Southwest Region (28/04/2020)

In taking action on national strategic target in alignment with the implemention of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a core list of sustainble development indicators for the Southwest region of Vietnam shall make a significant contribution. It is the basis for monitoring and evaluating the sustainable development of the Southwest region in relation to other economic regions and the whole country. The paper focuses on assessing the current system of the statistical indicators based on data disaggregation of each indicator related to sustainable development at regional, provincial / municipal levels; and thereby propose a list of statistical indicators for the Southwest region.
Author: Nguyen Dinh Khuyen, Vu Hung Cuong, Tran Thi Luyen, Tran Thi Thuy Linh, Luong Thuy Duong

Improving the Quality of Management Personnel in State-owned Commercial Banks in Vietnam (28/04/2020)

Management personnel competency in state-owned commercial banks in Vietnam has over recent years increasingly met current requirements as well as the development orientation of banks. Nevertheless, management capacity limitations exist in promoting the role of these banks in socio-economic development in the new context. The paper focuses on analysing the quality of management manpower in state-owned commercial banks in Vietnam, thereby offering assessments and solutions to develop their managerial human resources.
Author: Dao Trong Hieu, Hoa Huu Cuong

Reconstructing the History of Xien Phap Monastery through Stone Steles and Relevant Sino-Nom Documents (28/04/2020)

Xien Phap monastery is mentioned in the studies of Buddhist history and its woodblocks printing culture in Vietnam. However, the two steles, which are the direct reference to the history of this monastery, located at the foundation of the old temple have never been fully studied. This article by studying thoroughly these two steles together with related Sino-Nom sources, has reconstructed the history of the formation of Xien Phap monastery in the late 19th century, and questions the life of Han Thai Ninh - the abbot of this monastery.
Author: Nguyen Dinh Hung

Identifying Ethnic Cultural Values in Preserving and Promoting Cultural Values for Socio-economic Development in Ha Giang Province (28/04/2020)

Notwithstanding extremely significant resources of each nation, locality and ethnic group in the development process, cultural values are not likely identifiable in a comprehensive way in daily life. From a case study in Ha Giang, the paper outlines approaches and methods as well as several scientific viewpoints in identifying cultural heritage values in cultural conservation strategy associated with socio-economic development goals.
Author: Pham Van Duong

Organizing Villages of some Ethnic Groups in the Northern Mountainous Areas of Vietnam (28/04/2020)

Villages are a crucial form of social community in ethnic minorities in the mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam. Each village has an Earth Shrine, located either inside the village or in a forbidden / sacred forest, which is the venue for annual peace prayers for the community. The village festival has been part of the spiritual life and the environment for preserving ethnic culture. The paper analyzes the “village” characteristics of some ethnic minorities in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, including place names, local borders, traditional and current management modes, identifying the role of village leaders in production management, land distribution, water sources and forest protection, order and security maintenance...
Author: Nguyen Ngoc Thanh

International Experience on High-tech Agricultural Development and Lessons for Vietnam (28/04/2020)

For years, the application of high technology to agricultural development in Vietnam has not proved to be as effective as expected, while remain diffculties and restrictions in the implementation process. To contribute to an enhanced quality of Vietnamese agriculture by broadly applying scientific and technological achievements, the paper summarizes international experiences in developing high-tech agriculture, through which drawing some lessons for Vietnam.
Author: Nguyen Huy Canh

Study Environmental History in Vietnam (28/04/2020)

Environmental history emerged in the 1970s as a sub-discipline of history which studies human interaction with the environment over time. While the discipline has only begun to be explored as a new trend in Vietnam in the past few years, Vietnamese environmental history has already become an interest among foreign scholars during the past two decades which has been proved by several prominent publications. This article provides a literature review on Vietnamese environmental history by native and foreign researchers, thereby discussing future research prospects in Vietnam.
Author: Lu Vi An