Vietnam’s Culture after 35 Years of Reform (29/04/2022)

After 35 years of Reform, overcoming shortcomings in previous periods, especially in restoring faded traditions, correction and/or getting rid of inappropriate norms, exchange and acculturation of foreign values on a selective basis, Vietnam has built its new cultural norms which are better embedded in the human culture and in accordance with the international common standards. However, the dynamic growing society also embraces in itself many contradictions which inevitably contributes to a contradictory entity of culture, a showcase of low value, valueless or even anti-value phenomena on its surface.
Author: Ho Si Quy

Citizen’s Social Responsibility - An Important Factor in the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 Epidemic in Vietnam (29/04/2022)

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Vietnam severely, both in economic and social aspects. The Government of Vietnam has led the fight with the motto “Fighting the nCoV-caused disease is like fighting enemies”, mobilizing the central and local governments, the healthcare system, and people of all classes for the epidemic prevention and control. The strategy has received active advocacy. Each individual’s social responsibility to protect themselves, families and communities from the disease, among others, has been of great significance. Based on a literature review, the article analyzes some dimensions of people's social responsibility in the fight against the epidemic, thereby drawing implications on promoting the citizen’s role during the hard times of the country.
Author: Nguyen Huu Minh

Culture of Pu Peo Ethnic Group from their Consciousness of Cosmology, Spirits and Health Rituals (29/04/2022)

Pu Peo ethnic group retains a rich and unique spiritual cultural life which is formed in its history and development process. Their cultural values, treasured and enriched in daily activities, and the practice of sacred customs and rituals, have been passed on to younger generations by reputable persons in the community. The article focuses on the Pu Peo's consciousness of cosmology and human to provide extra source to deepen narratives on this ethnic group in Vietnam.
Author: Le Hai Dang

Singapore’s Digital Transformation Policies and Some Policy Suggestions for Vietnam (29/04/2022)

As digital technology increasingly helps to promote the development of the digital economy and digital society, changing the mode of State management, production and business models, as well as consumption and cultural and social life, the construction of digital transformation programs and policies has become a policy trend in many countries in an attempt to achieve sustainable development goals in the digital era. Singapore is among Asian countries that implemented digital transformation quite early in the 1990s and has achieved remarkable success thanks to comprehensive digital transformation policies with specific and practical solutions. The article examines the concept of digital transformation policy and Singapore's digital transformation policies, thereby providing some policy suggestions for Vietnam.
Author: Truong Thi Thu Trang

China’s Current Naval Strategy in the East Sea through Alfred Thayer Mahan’s Theory of Sea Power (29/04/2022)

The article provides a perspective of the East Sea in China's naval strategy through Alfred Thayer Mahan's theory of sea power. In addition, some new viewpoints have been offered from the current international conditions, which mainly focus on scientific and technical factors, the international context as well as new tactics. On that basis, it points out new geostrategic points to better clarify China's intentions in the East Sea.
Author: Nguyen The Phuong

Vietnamese Enterprises’ Participation in Improving Labor Competence Serving Industry 4.0 (29/04/2022)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought about great changes in manufacturing methods as a result of digital technology application, which consequently raises the need for employees to acquire new appropriate skills for those methods. The paper provides a picture of Vietnamese enterprises’ participation in improving labor competency in line with the Industry 4.0. It also provides suggestions to the Government, businesses and stakeholders in training Vietnamese workers’ competency.
Author: Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong

Ho Chi Minh’s Art of Leadership (29/04/2022)

Ho Chi Minh is one of the outstanding leaders who was honored by the UNESCO as a “Hero of National Liberation and Eminent Culturalist of Vietnam”. However, his unique art of leadership has not yet been studied systematically and thoroughly. Referring to the research approach and concept, the article initially clarifies the content of Ho Chi Minh's art of leadership in the following aspects including leadership goal and vision development, mass persuasion, force mobilization and deployment, opportunity seizing, exercise of power and situation handling.
Author: Dao Dinh Tuan