Co Tu People’s Use of Language, Attitudes and Aspirations Towards Their Ethnic Language and Writing System (26/05/2023)

The article presents the latest survey on the situation of language use and attitudes of Co Tu people towards their ethnic language and writing systems. The result shows that Co Tu people are bilingual (Co Tu - Viet), most of them have a good command of their mother tongue and Vietnamese in daily communication. Therefore, Co Tu language is considered safe (not endangered). The article also raises the issue that needs to be agreed upon in the selection of scripts for the Co Tu people in the situation where there is a conflict between the two scripts being used in Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue provinces.
Author: Nguyen Van Hiep

America’s Promotion of Democracy (26/05/2023)

The United States is known for its relentless efforts in foreign intervention policy to instill its so-called superior values, including democracy. But are democratic values, which the United States seeks to promote globally, warmly welcomed by different nations? Or is America's push for democracy actually in its interest? The paper analyzes the actions of US administrations from Woodrow Wilson to Joe Biden to help answer these questions. It reveals that although actions vary during each presidential administration, the promotion of democracy has always been a concern in US foreign policy, which reflects the primary interests of the United States and the positive belief they want to spread.
Author: Nguyen Anh Cuong

Ho Chi Minh’s Thought on the Relationship between Independence, Self-reliance and International Economic Integration and Its Application in Vietnam (26/05/2023)

Economic cooperation and integration on the global scale as well as regional level is currently an inevitable trend. All countries, big or small, strong or weak, seek to integrate the international economy most effectively. Vietnam is also on the track with several advantages and challenges. Therefore, fully understanding and applying Ho Chi Minh's thought in building an independent and self-reliant economy in parallel with actively and proactively integrating into the international economy for the development in Vietnam today has become an essential demand which also manifests the development of cognitive reasoning.
Author: Dang Cong Thanh

Strategic Competition of Some Major Countries in the Indo-Pacific (26/05/2023)

The Indo-Pacific is an area where the interests of nations are intertwined. Currently, the United States and its allies, as well as China and the European Union, are increasing their military spending and pursuing their strategies in the region. Strategies among great powers indicate that there is no consensus on competitive motives, the countries all have a common political stance to contain China's rise and develop a free and open Indo-Pacific region in a literal sense.
Author: Tran Thi Thanh, Vu Kieu Oanh

Non-traditional Security Challenges Facing the Mekong Sub-region Today (26/05/2023)

The Mekong sub-region is facing several non-traditional security challenges stemming from the construction of hydropower upstream. Based on secondary data sources, the paper explains and analyzes non-traditional security challenges in the region, including water security, climate change, human security, and food security. These challenges are examined in a complex geopolitical and geostrategic context.
Author: Nguyen Thu Trang

Social Perspectives on Same-sex Marriage in Vietnam Today (26/05/2023)

Same-sex marriage is a controversial topic worldwide, including Vietnam. As of early 2023, 34 countries have recognized same-sex marriage, the earliest being the Netherlands (2001) and most recently Andorra (February 2023). Apart from advocacy countries, some hold neutral views, and many others strongly condemn and oppose this marriage relationship. In Vietnam, same-sex marriage has not been legalized and there are several opposing opinions, some against, some for, and some with neutral views (both against and for). Based on secondary sources, the article provides a literature review of society’s views on same-sex marriage in Vietnam in the past 10 years.
Author: Bui Thi Hong, Nguyen Thi Thu Nguyet

A Literature Review on Vietnamese Literature for Children from 1986 to Present (26/05/2023)

Children's literature constitutes an integral part of Vietnamese literature, a crucial genre of composition for the process of forming a child's soul and personality. Before 1945, Vietnamese children's literature was not paid proper attention. Since the August Revolution, especially since 1986, the study of children's literature has flourished. Although born later than other genres of literature, up to now, Vietnamese children's literature has played an important role in national literature and has become an organized part. Reviewing children's literature in all three aspects of theory, content, and art, it can be seen that the study of children's literature has made remarkable achievements over the past time.
Author: Nguyen Thi Tam