Some Thoughts on the Cultural Lifestyle of Urban People Nowaday (02/07/2013)

Lifestyle is a concept of culture which has significant changes in society nowaday. Lifestyle here means cultural behaviors in consistent with traditions, customs, and moral of nation. It is also the doings between humans, and human with nature. The article mentioned to the lifestyle of Vietnamese urban people nowaday in which the author strengthened on preservation and promoting the traditional culture of nation in creating a modern lifestyle.
Author: Prof. Le Thi

Ensuring the Civil Rights in the Field of the Executive Power of the Socialist State of Vietnam with the Rule of Law (02/07/2013)

The article is about the guarantee of civil rights in the field of executive power, considering on above aspects: - The executive power and civil rights in a state with the rule of law. - The executive power with the implements of civil rights in Socialist State of Vietnam with the rule of law today. - Some matters of innovations in implementing the executive power in Socialist State of Vietnam with the rule of law.
Author: MA. Vu Kieu Oanh

Theory of Vietnamese Literature in the Renewal: Some Breakthrough Thoughts (02/07/2013)

The article reviewed the Renewal progress of Vietnamese literature theory in the period of 1986 to 2011. Tackling various challenges and difficulties of this period has led to many significant changes for theory of literature itself on the modernization pathway. Theory of literature has tried its best to renew the academic thinking through the awareness of its role towards the cultural development as well as literature life, as a result, obtaining many important achievements. Theory of Vietnamese literature in the Renewal period has grown up in many dimensions in comparison with the past. It reflected the spirit of justification, strongly criticized those dogmatic, narrow-minded and sclerotic theories. Moreover, it not only heritages the national theory of literature but also expands the margin of learning valuable points in the universal literacy theories.
Author: Dr. Cao Hong