Nguyen Khanh Toan (1905 -1993) - Scientist, Educationist (02/07/2013)

The writing is some features about Professor, Academician Nguyen Khanh Toan on the occasion of 60th year establishment of Literature – History – Geography Department and the 20th year since his pass away. Nguyen Khanh Toan is the first Prime Minister and the teacher of many generations in the Institute of Social Sciences, now as Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.
Author: Prof. Phong Le

Awareness of Officials in Local Units and People in the Development of Maritime Economy and Protection of National Maritime and Islands (02/07/2013)

The article is about the research results on “Awareness and behaviors of Vietnames people about Vietnam islands and maritime”, done by Department of International Relations of the Central Committee of Propaganda, Institute of Social Studies and the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration. Its aims are to clarify the awareness of officials and people about the role and position of maritime economy and national security, the international laws on maritime economy and ownership. Also, it is about the policies of Communist Party and State laws on islands and maritime and the growth of maritime economy. Moreover, it is the ocean exploring activities and international collaboration on this issue; and the awareness and behavior towards protection of national maritime and islands. These will help to implement policies which targeted to develop the maritime economy as well as the ownership protection of Vietnam.
Author: Dr. Nguyen Chi Dung

The Changes in Thought of Democracy and Some Achievements through 20 Years of Renewal (02/07/2013)

After 15 years of implementing Renewal (1986-2001), the value of democracy has been officially appeared in the Resolution of Vietnam Communist Party. Via practical survey and researches, however, the implementation of democracy still faces too many difficulties in how to consolidate the democratic idea and practice between those who work as theorists, leaders, managers and the life’s requirements. Due to the limitation of public’s knowledge, it is very difficult to implement the mechanism in which the people know, the people discuss, the people do, and the people check. It is also very hard to build a democratic society which there is not any complaining voice. Also, the expectation of democratic progress and implementation in social life requires the practical evidence as well as the acceptance of public. Therefore, the increase of conversation between local government and public will increase freedom for press, improve complicated administrative process, facilitate for not unions, non – financial organizations, non - governmental offices to join in social life. These are also challenges that Vietnam’s democratic value need to overcome.
Author: Dr. Phan Tan