Folk Stories - the Materials to Create Cultural Values through Traditional Festivals of Khmer People in South Vietnam (02/06/2014)

Khmer is one of ethnics who have various annual festivals linked with daily life of whole community. And the origin of these festivals is from folk stories which showed the important role of Khmer folk stories in creating cultural values then making them into customs and religion in the spiritual life of Khmer people. The article has analyzed and pointed out the materials to create cultural values of Khmer people in South Vietnam through traditional festivals such as Chol Chnam Thmay (new year festival), Sen Donta (festival for forefather worship), and Ok Om Bok (moon worship).
Author: Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh

Conservation of Types of Traditional Culture in Current Circumstance (Case Study of Gheo Singing in Phu Tho) (02/06/2014)

In Vietnam, culture is considered as the motivation of development and the cultural tradition is also a factor which determines the characteristics of community, nation and country toward the world. Therefore, types of traditional culture, including Gheo singing of Phu Tho, should be protected and promoted. The article is an overview of Gheo singing and its internal values. In the strongly cultural integration, types of traditional culture, including Gheo singing, are facing with many big challenges and author has mentioned to some recommendations to conserving Gheo singing specifically and all other cultural types in general.
Author: Dr. Dao Dang Phuong

The Religious Life of the World in Recent Years: Some Practical Issues (02/06/2014)

The article has summarized the picture of the religious life of the world in recent years, especially pointed out some particular issues, including: the decline of Christianity in Western countries, scandals of Vatican Chapel, the increase of new religious movement, the terrorism related to Islamic extremists. It showed that the religious life of the world is changing with many complicated types, multi - color and high diversification. It could be declined in some certain level but never die and would play an important role in the spiritual life of human.
Author: Nguyen Thi Le, MA. Pham Thu Trang