Edward Burnett Tylor and His Study of Animism (16/04/2016)

E. B. Tylor (1832-1917) is a self-study scholar. He devoted whole life to anthropology. Through field studies, he researched primitive culture, and animism in particular as a special phenomenon helping modern people to understand that culture. This article sketches Tylor’s biography and highlights his role in study of animism and its impact on the foundation of other rites, faiths, and religions of primitive people.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Le Cong Su

The Issues of Interreligious Dialogue (16/04/2016)

This article presents main viewpoints of interreligious dialouge, generalizes the process of foundation and development of interreligious dialouge activities, and indicates a certain number of interreligious dialouge forms in current era. Then, investigates the role, emerging issues of interreligious dialouge in the next time, initiatively proposes some recommendations for boosting interreligious dialouge aiming at mutual respect and understanding for the peace among nations all over the world.
Author: Dr. Dao Dinh Thuong

Human Development in Thai Nguyen Province - Achievements and some Emerging Issues in this Period (16/04/2016)

For the past 10 years, Thai Nguyen Province has attained many significant achievements in human development contributing to the country’s HDI growth. Thai Nguyen has made many efforts in poverty elimination and hunger eradication, developing industries and key economic zones, employment settling, increasing people’s income. Education and training as well as public health care that attain important achievements have been placed at the top priority by the authority. The provincial HDI has been one of the highest nationwide, its HDI components have been higher than that of nearly all other in region provinces. However, along with attained achievements, there are many emergin issues and problems requiring effective solutions and guidelines for boosting provincial HDI in the following decades.
Author: MA. Trinh Thi Nghia