Developmental State: Some Problems of Concept and Building of Developmental State in Vietnam (14/08/2017)

Recently in Vietnam, the subject of “developmental state” has become a topical question, attracting the interests not only of researchers but also of people in general. This paper focuses to clarify the nature and connotation of “developmental state” - a new model and type of state or a change of role and functions of state in new context; the relation between developmental state and constructive government, between legitimate state and state governance; thence questions whether developmental state is the common model for all countries in development? what lessons Vietnam could draw from experiences in developmental state of various countries in the world.
Author: Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Dung

The Gap Between Policy and Implementation of Policy on Gender Equality (Case Study on Women Participation in Public Management) (14/08/2017)

This paper purposes to analyse the gap between policy and implementation of policy on gender equality in public management. By overall literature survey, the paper points out that Vietnamese Government has made the great efforts to make policies and the circulars guiding implementation of policies; hence creating a relatively strong legal framework to ensure women participation in public management. However, in reality there is the gap yet between policy and implementation of policy on gender equality in this domain; this gap exists between policy and implementation of policy on training, improving, planning and appointing. If that, it is because in implementation, the policy is still influenced by many objective and subjective causes.
Author: Associate Prof. PhD. Dang Thi Anh Tuyet, MA. Phan Thuan, Le Thi Nga

Tran Van Giau - The Great Personality Among Modern Vietnamese Intellectual Community (14/08/2017)

“Iron bulwark of South Vietnam” is the heroic land which gave birth to and trained the firm and loyal communists, the talented leaders, the eminent scientists of Vietnam. Among these there has been Prof. Tran Van Giau (6/9/1911-16/12/2010), a mirror of rightousness and talent with his merits and rise and fall, leaving deep imprints in the memory of people of Vietnam in general and of South Vietnam in particular. This paper generalizes the features, virtues, abilities, main studies and contributions of Prof. Tran Van Giau, in the same time pointing out the objective and subjective factors which influenced his virtues, righteousness and talent - representing one of greatest historians of Vietnamese modern history.
Author: Dr. Ho Ba Tham