Implementing the Mechanism of Party’s Leadership, State’s Management and People’s Right to Mastery in Vietnam in a New Context (25/05/2020)

The paper clarifies the awareness process of the Communist Party of Vietnam on the principles and current situation of the mechanism “Party’s leadership, State’s management and people’s right to mastery” in Vietnam and proposes solutions to better implement this mechanism in the new context.
Author: Nguyen Viet Thao

Factors that Guarantee the Independence of Federal Courts in the United States (25/05/2020)

The independent judiciary, partially characterized by the independence of the court, is a core value of American political-legal culture, which has been recognized and pursued since the founding of the United States of America. The United States has established a system of checks and balances on legislative, executive and judicial powers to ensure the independence of the federal courts. The paper aims to answer two research questions including what factors guarantee an independent federal judiciary, and whether the courts are perfectly free from any improper influence of legislative and executive branches or partisan politics, media and public opinion as well.
Author: Truong Thi Thu Trang, Dang Tran Thanh Ngoc

Identify Community Self-Management Models in Mountainous Rural Areas in Dien Bien Province Today (25/05/2020)

Against the background of broader socio-economic development and exchange, there have emerged new issues related to culture, environment, local security, and social order and safety in mountainous rural communities of Dien Bien province. Based on the qualitative research data of the project “Study on community self-management models in new rural construction” in communities in Dien Bien province, the paper identifies the community self-management models therein, and analyzes their role in maintaining security, social order and community sustainable development of the mountainous rural area of Dien Bien province.
Author: Nguyen Duc Chien

Financial Conflicts between Spouses in Vietnamese Rural Families (A Case Study in Khanh Mau Commune, Yen Khanh District, Ninh Binh Province) (25/05/2020)

The article conducted aims to study financial conflicts between husband and wife in rural Vietnam, specifically in Khanh Mau commune, Ninh Binh province. The research hypothesis suggests that the causes of financial conflict in a family come from three factors: level of financial contribution, money management and spending money; and examines the impact of these factors to the current situation.
Author: Tran Ngoc Diem, Nguyen Thu Trang

Collective Actions on Social Networks: Features and Influences (25/05/2020)

This article exposes the misleading conceptualization of the concept “the crowd” on social network by revealing other approaches in which “the crowd” is seen as “collective actions” in a modern media landscape characterized by the redundancy of information. This objective will contribute to the illustration of the relationship between the media landscape and users’ ordinary lives. The aforementioned statements will be analyzed through a particular case about the online actions of voters toward the 2020 presidential campaign of US Senator Bernie Sanders which is identified as a social movement. Specifically, this article will analyze the process of lobbying “Medicare for All” (M4A), which is a key policy in the Sanders’ campaign, to expose the mechanism of collective actions instead of crowd effect in the modern media era.
Author: Vu Hoang Long

Literature Review of Material Cultural Characteristics of Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam - China Border Region (25/05/2020)

The paper provides a literature review of material cultural characteristics of some ethnic minorities in the Vietnam - China border area, highlighting the housing and culinary culture of several large ethnic groups including Tay, Nung, Thai, Hmong, Ha Nhi as well as small ones such as Pu Peo. Based on some analytical findings, it gives some initial suggestions on the next research orientation in the context of the on-going, intensive socio-economic integration and cultural exchanges in the Vietnam - China border region.
Author: Le Thi Huong

Vietnam’s International Cooperation in Archives during the Period 1958-1990 (25/05/2020)

Archives have been paid attention to since the early days of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. During the Cold War, facing the challenges of national security and the difficulties due to limited archives capacity, Vietnam soon realized the importance of international cooperation in building capacity within the archival profession as well as strengthening foreign relations with other socialist countries. Initially a recipient of assistance from the Soviet Union, through various bilateral and multilateral cooperation activities, Vietnam has become a provider of assistance to some less developed countries in the region such as Laos and Cambodia, and an active member of several multilateral forums of socialist countries on archives.
Author: Le Tuyet Mai