Confucianism Then and Now: Merits and Sins (18/06/2021)

Throughout history, debates, assessment and handling of Confucianism have constantly taken place both in Vietnam and overseas. The paper analyzes four aspects as follows: (i) different approaches to Confucianism, (ii) Confucianism - a dualistic doctrine, (iii) a Confucian scholar - a dual personality, and (iv) Vietnamese Confucianism then and now; from which some conclusions are drawn.
Author: Nguyen Thua Hy

Impact of New Generation FTAs on Freedom of Association and Proposals for Vietnam (18/06/2021)

The article focuses on (i) the provisions of current international and Vietnamese laws on the freedom of association, (ii) the requirements related to the freedom of association in the new generation FTAs and their impacts on the Vietnamese legal system, (iii) some recommendations for Vietnam to improve the law on the freedom of association to meet the requirements of the new generation FTAs.
Author: Nguyen Thi Hong Yen, La Minh Trang

Decentralization between Central and Local Governments in Japan (18/06/2021)

The article gives an overview of the reform process in local government system in Japan, and the practice of decentralization between central and local government in two main areas, namely administration and budget management; thereby, draws some implications for Viet Nam.
Author: Chu Thi Thanh An

Ancestor Worship of Vietnamese People Today (18/06/2021)

Since Doi Moi (Reform), the Vietnamese socio-cultural life and customs have undergone several changes. Ancestor worship is no exception. The Vietnamese people’s ancestor worship has long become a solid foundation “resistant” to foreign massive invasion and national-cultural identity threats. More or less modified to suit modern society, ancestor worship has yet been preserved by Vietnamese people as a unique cultural tradition. The paper traces the origin and highlights the significance, role, characteristics and changes in Vietnamese ancestor worship in the current context.
Author: Luu Thi Thu Thuy, Bui Thi Minh Phuong

Changes in People’s Livelihoods in the Process of Building New-style Rural Areas (A Case Study of Phu Xuyen District, Hanoi City) (18/06/2021)

The new-style rural building program has been conducted in Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi city in the context of stagnant local economic development, residents’ deep attachment to agricultural production with low per capita income, and unsecured infrastructure. Therefore, they face several challenges, especially changes in production methods, land and environment, etc. The article analyzes changes in Phu Xuyen local people’s livelihoods in the process of new-style rural building; thereby, discusses its effects on farmers’ cultural practices in the context of rural innovation.
Author: Nguyen Thi Phuong

Renovating and Improving the Quality of Leadership and Direction of the Communist Party of Vietnam for Political Theory Research in the National New Development Period (28/06/2021)

By looking back over a quarter century of the Vietnamese Communist Party’s leadership in directing theoretical research activities and identifying key opportunities as well as strict requirements in the national new development period, the paper emphasizes the importance that the Communist Party of Vietnam shall further renew its thinking, leadership and direction in theoretical research activities to promote democracy and exploit every creative potential of all Party members and the people in the cause of national building and development.
Author: Phung Huu Phu