International Container Shipping Market and Vietnam's Strategy for Container Shipping Fleet Development (26/05/2022)

Sea shipping, among others, plays a significant role in the global supply chain and freight transport. It greatly impacts the competitiveness of export-oriented economies including Vietnam. The international shipping has been facing new crisis due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, which leads to a disruption in global container shipping. As a maritime country with great potential for developing marine business, expanding container shipping fleet is considered a solution to improve the national competitiveness, and ensure the position of Vietnamese exports in the global supply chain.
Author: Le Quang Trung, Vu Hung Cuong

Literature Review of Responses Towards Covid-19 Fake News on Social Networks (26/05/2022)

The article provides a literature review on the responses towards fake news about the Covid-19 pandemic on social networks both domestically and internationally. The result shows that users tend to “normalize” it and most of them look for fact-checking and take action to stop the spreading of fake news. The article also proposes several recommendations for users, social networking service providers and relevant authorities to improve cybersecurity and avoid the infodemic today.
Author: Pham Huong Tra, Dang Van Trang

Protecting Personality Rights for Authors of Applied Art in Vietnamese Digital Space (26/05/2022)

The current era is characterized by the widespread application of information technology, which has become an essential part of modern society. Since the Covid-19 outbreak (December 2019 until now), many human activities have shifted from faceto-face interactions to virtual platforms. With respect to intellectual property, besides advantages, digital technology brings disadvantages including copyright infringement which has become increasingly sophisticated, complex and hard-to-detect on the digital space. The paper examines Vietnam’s legal regulations and the practice of protecting the personality rights for applied artists therein.
Author: Tran Nguyen Cuong

Impacts of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Africa (26/05/2022)

The Russian invasion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022 has casted a long shadow from Europe to North America and to the rest of the world, including Africa. Since both Russia and Ukraine have been major economic and political partners of African countries, the event has directly or indirectly hit Africa. The paper provides an in-depth analysis of both short-run and long-run effects of the conflict on politics, economy and relevant aspects of African countries.
Author: Vo Minh Tap

Family Honor in Vietnam: Concept and Approaches (26/05/2022)

The abstract concept of “family honor” has rarely been analyzed in Vietnam’s social sciences and humanities. It explains several ongoing phenomena in social life, which are related to people’s behaviors and responses towards moral dilemma of their marriage and family life. Taking into account of relevant aspects of the definition and approaches, the paper clarifies its varied interpretation associated with complex sociocultural contexts as well as particular case studies, and addresses the requirement for caution in understanding and manipulating this concept.
Author: Nguyen Thanh Tung

Applying Ho Chi Minh’s Thought on the Party’s Inspection and Discipline to Control State Power in Vietnam Today (26/05/2022)

Regarding the leadership and administration of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh paid attention to controlling state power through the establishment Party’s inspection and discipline. He recognized it as one of the effective state power-control measures to prevent power corruption in the government apparatus. The paper clarifies Ho Chi Minh’s viewpoints as well as practical instructions on the Party’s inspection and discipline in controlling state power, which values remain unchanged as orientations for the power control of Vietnam’s socialist rule-of-law state of the people, by the people and for the people in the new context.
Author: Trinh Quoc Viet

The Process of Compiling Dictionaries of Foreign LanguageVietnamese and Vice Versa in Vietnam in the 20th - Early 21st Centuries (26/05/2022)

Dictionaries of foreign language - Vietnamese and vice versa are the most popular and account for the largest number of dictionaries available in Vietnam. They play an important role in satisfying users’ needs for lookup, study, research and exchange on specialized foreign languages, especially in providing and expanding scientific knowledge required for the economic and social development of the country. Based on a literature review, the paper overviews this genre of dictionary compilation in each Vietnamese historical period over the past century as well as its features from some basic aspects.
Author: Quach Thi Gam